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Gerbil returns with another batch of music for children

Gerbil returns with another batch of music for children The band Gerbil returns publishes a brand new album knockabout Be the first person to like it! peprného full of rock and roll for naughty boys and girls

The brand new album full of chili con knockabout music and songs for naughty boys and girls called Be the first person to like it! Band released Pískomil returns. Album features more than 34 minutes of rock and roll for kids and their parents (not only) in the car for holiday trips and as of today is on sale in the normal distribution network and download on iTunes.

Thematically, girls and boys can enjoy the catchy songs about a girl pirate rabble, which is every dad short, returns the singer Kyti she did not want to be a singer, but officials, riot-song about chocolate, lajkování on Facebook with a ridiculous ending, veverušce of time ice or hit the older brother, who is just interested in fast cars. Gerbil is just like holk'n'kluk'n'roll and brisk songs will make little ones inside for dancing and rear seat car or bus. songs from the new album Pískomil returns Fans can also currently be heard in concerts across the gerbil Czech Republic cord band finishes the November concert in Prague.

The band on the new album gained brass instruments and album Be the first person to like it! has not yet lithe rock tinge - words of the gerbil "excellent pedaling when stepping on the gas." Likewise, a small but welcome students from the headphones while riding the train, in the waiting room at the dentist before the inspection or, conversely, when the joyful stampede when the tour went well. Age fans while the band Pískomil returns plays a crucial role - the songs are simply designed for those who are able to remain a child forever and can give "správňácky" thumbs up when they do something like that.

Gerbil Moreover able to enjoy life and it works for him adventure travel with family. After the outbreak of holidays, nothing hold him as a new song on his lips managed to wander through the world like all children. On his album Be the first person to like it! So Pískomil TROUS stories set to music from your travel suitcase for the indomitable chocolate sweet tooth for restless night sleeper for all devils and Nicholas, towing service for nomadic faulty African elephants from the highway, Veveruška Ice Age and even secret freeloaders all refrigerators world cuisine.

Little listeners also have the opportunity to compete for a birthday concert for them Pískomil hold to be at home ..

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