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Harrachov to Hollywood

Harrachov to Hollywood July 15, 2014 was the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the opening of years bobsled Harrachov introduced at local bobsled other attractions. Harrachov was transferred from the U.S. bit of fame in Hollywood.

The owners of the first bobsleigh as steadily as how even more enjoyable stay visitors around the bobsleigh track Harrachov. A few years ago, therefore, launched a free rope park for children up to ten years. Then installed near the river Kamenice vantrok of wooden logs with sliding gates and the mill wheel at the end, where the third year enthusiastically sweep smallest visitors sledding.

Last year there was a change officially unveiled "The first Czech botovník." It is the tree on which every visitor can hang up their boots and the worn yet to receive a free ride on the bobsled track. Has jurisdiction to evoke travel, experiences and recession. Behind year after installation it hangs for several hundred shoes Czech and foreign travelers.

Eight years in operation favorite rope "MonkeyPark" which is suspended from the tops of local pines. Fourteen obstacles is terminated attractive, 117 long rope slip.

Of course there are the flags of the Czech Republic and the EU, beautiful, three meters deep mountain lake in the last corner sledding, flowers, benches or breakout. Owners of such a beautiful and carefully maintained environment for all visitors comply with any questions, why would it at home in the mountains could look like as in Switzerland. Or at least somewhere.

This year, all of these activities has added another attraction. She appears Harrach, who is a true copy 14 m high and 110 m long famous Hollywood sign in Los Angeles in the USA.

It is exactly one sixth of the inscription. Is absolutely identical with the Hollywood sign in Harrachov as the type of 2.33 meters high points and angles of the letters in the inscription.

From the first moment the words HARRACHOV as Hollywood became a huge attraction, before which the photograph of the whole family. When you visit Harrachov and its every visitor can convince that Hollywood is not just in Los Angeles.

In July and August 2014, bobsled Spindleruv Mlyn and Harrachov open daily 10 to 21 hours or in the public interest and to 22 pm

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