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In the Czech Republic voluntarily, in Belgium the law. Hotel Reviews using gold stars

The phenomenon of traveling is inextricably linked with accommodation. This is among the key criteria by which people choose holidays. Yet travelers even today can not rely on that 3-star hotel in the Czech Republic will be the same quality as the Swiss rated hotel.

The system of stars in the continent and individual countries is still very patchy.
In this article, we present how the evaluation system of hotels in the country, and as such as Spain, the UK and USA.

Is a star a star

Currently, people can choose from countless hotels which differ from each other not only in the continent but also the states themselves. Although overseas hotels that can boast i 7 stars such as The Burj Al Arab in Dubai or the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi, accommodation facilities are generally rated on a scale 1 to 5 stars. One star yet covers only basic equipment and services to the growing number of stars, then the level of accommodation, services and individual service increases.

However, there is a uniform system of certification of hotels that would be for all countries universally valid. Hotels may thus be, for example, in the Czech Republic and Italy marked with the same number of stars, yet their level and quality is likely to vary considerably. "System of awarding certifications through the stars is so far very patchy. While in countries like Switzerland assessment is carried out voluntary organization, based in Belgium assessment of the government's decision. In New Zealand, a prestigious hotel for certification even true, "said the volatility opinions Luke Przybylski, commercial director of residence Discount portal.

Czech Republic has a system of voluntary classification

In the Czech Republic is still quite uniform system of assigning stars hotel there. This is only a voluntary classification which is similarly widespread in other European countries, for example in France. In recent years, however, efforts to create a new system of awarding gold certification emerged. In 2007 he founded the hotel associations from Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland and the so-called Hotelstars Union. This is a community that aims to summarize the classification of hotel services using a single methodology. Currently, the institution has 15 members, which include new Baltic countries, Malta, Denmark and Greece. "Common hotel classification Hotelstars has 270 evaluation criteria. Great emphasis is placed on quality management, wellness and sleeping comfort. Another criterion is, among other things, for example, virtual comfort of hotel services, ie services provided through the website, "says Klára Hájková of the Association of Hotels and Restaurants.

In Belgium, the assessment set by the government

In some European countries, among which is the need of Belgium or Portugal, is a rating system for hotels through the stars on the contrary, set by the Government. There are laws that criteria for the classification of hotels tightly defined. In Spain, for example, the star system regulated by government authorities tourism, whose representatives then transmit the evaluation of the Federal Tourism Agency, which publishes the results. In the Netherlands, then in operation since 2004, the legal system of hotel classification on the basis of five categories. Hotels marked as 1 star is among the most basic. Must be furnished with a bed, a table and chairs, sink, window and heating and the services are required to provide breakfast. For every ten rooms must be established bathroom.

In England hotels incognito inspectors evaluated

The British system of hotel reviews from the Czech and Belgian necessary to distinguish among other things graphically. In addition to standard evaluation using typical English black stars, the system is also supplemented island kingdom awards red stars. Since 2006, the United Kingdom share a common standard for the evaluation of accommodation and hotels in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. For assessment and classification of hotels is responsible Automobile Association, referred to as AA, which performs a comprehensive evaluation of 5-star system. Inspectors visited hotels and secretly considered such as the quality of welcome services and facilities to the guests, but also the hospitality of the staff, food and cleanliness. "This is absolutely the highest distinction that can hotel in the British ranking system to achieve the five red stars. They are awarded for outstanding facilities, services and comprehensive approach to the customer, "explained Luke Przybylski." Comparing the 5-star London hotel with 5-star hotel in Prague is not an imaginary walk on thin ice. The international evaluation system is so unstable that it is obvious comparison is almost impossible. It is certain, however, that both are compared to hotels of high standard in terms of facilities and services, "said Przybylski.

Competition in America: diamonds or stars?

In the United States there are several competing systems for hotel reviews. While the company Forbes Travel assigns a five-star hotel standard stars, the American Automobile Association, known as AAA evaluates hotels with a unique diamond system. The inspectors assessed accommodation usually unannounced. When evaluating equipment meet the basic criteria of association are approved. Emphasis is placed on the maximum level. The Association therefore fundamentally certify hotels that do not meet the set quality. Hotel with one diamond is then considered as an ideal economical choice, two or more diamonds in turn guarantees a clean room in the hotel and good service. The diamond rating does not necessarily mean that hotels with five diamonds are significantly better than those with four. This is only a pointer to larger luxury that has to be seen in the fact that the hotel service must operate continuously and to answer the call within three rings.

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