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The region is a solution to the debt trap enormous interest

The region is a solution to the debt trap enormous interest Regional Branch of the People in Need Foundation has trained under the project Caution pays fifty three social workers municipalities and social service providers in the Pilsen Region in debt issues. Courses led by experienced advisors who can use several years of experience in helping people drowning in debt.

"Over-indebted people are becoming more and more debt issues are so experienced social workers throughout the region very often. We will learn how to effectively help people in debt, "says Petra Šmídlová, project coordinator. She adds that demand from social workers greatly exceeded the capacity of the course.

Participants particularly appreciated the possibility of practical use of the information obtained, the breadth and expertise of teachers. Area protidluhového advice is very complicated and if not long-term intensive social workers do not pay, they can very quickly lose a step. "We are pleased that thanks to the support of the project to offer our knowledge and experience to other workers free of charge and multiply the chance that someone will help needy people . Our capacity is limited and service, we have to be reduced further, because we lack the funds to the collateral that would meet the needs of the regional population, "says Aleš Cavalier, director of the regional branch of the People in Need.

During the five years when the debt advisory service supported by the EU, the organization has helped thousand of people from Pilsen. In seminars and training courses passed their experience to other social workers. "During the campaign, we also tried to draw attention to the greatest abuses" fuckers, man, "who are in the field of business with debt and poverty in general," says business debt program Cavalier. Despite the achievements of the service and support of some cities, however, the organization failed to provide a major part of the funds, that is sufficient grants from the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, which is administered by the participation of the region. "We are trying to document the stories of people with whom we work and the intensity and content of our work. However, it is our advice in key areas likely to be perceived as redundant service that does not help people. In doing so we have helped many people with debt relief, or a reduction of disproportionate penalties or costs of enforcement and thus managed to stabilize the situation, "he shrugs Aleš Cavalier.

The project is paid for vigilance will continue in the second half. Offers workshops for city police officers and teachers of primary and secondary schools. The project will be released late summer also updated and expanded guide , which the Organization has released in the past year.

The project is paid Caution is funded by the Ministry of the Interior and the Pilsen Region. Debt counselors organization operates in Pilsen, the Rokycansku, Klatovsku, Domažlicku, Horšovskotýnsku, Stodská and Nýřanská. Their capacity had to be reduced significantly from April.

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