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Locations story of love and adolescence. Starring Vladimir Polivka

Locations story of love and adolescence. Starring Vladimir Polivka Film Locations by Radim Spacek, screenwriter and producer Andrew Štindl Vratislava ŠLAJER is completed and in cinemas on September 18. The main role appears Vladimir Polivka, at his side, then Johana Jan Matoušková and China.

The story takes place in a place with 90s in a small town where you can not do anything, but also a bit of everything. The roles of the central trio of actors occupied the creators of unrivaled young actor, who collected in the framework of robust castings.

The creator was important to choose not only excellent young actors, but mainly played by the gang, which at first glance will operate mutual chemistry. "Trite actors are kind of my trademark and I hope that after the handcuffs succeeded in the new film. Vladimir I received a very unusual combination of sensitivity to a kind of vulnerability while savagery, šoumenstvím 'sense of humor and very honest preparation. However, the most important thing has always been a good actor in my eyes, "says the director Radim Spacek.

Main actor's representative Vladimir Polivka on the role of preparing for a longer period of time in Ústí nad Labem, where they filmed mostly, he spent some time before shooting himself. "Filming locations was very intense and challenging time, Adam is a complicated character and get under his skin require a long preparation. I did a lot of it theatrically and personally taught, "said Vladimír soup.

A story about love, loss and revenge
- such in brief new film makers who are successful on account of pilgrimage. Although compared to the bonds, which originated seven long years, can mark the location for lighter and easier to film, for which he is not hiding exaggerated ambitions, the author's style of screenwriter Andrew Štindl, Radim Spacek, director and cinematographer Jaromir Duck deny.
The film tells the story of nineteen Adama (Vladimir Polivka) and his friend Mark (Jan China), which is the birthplace tight, but do not know where to move on. Do their lives suddenly come into stereotyped local socialite daughter Anna (Johan Matoušková), which brings the story of mystery, suspense and desire. The scene then enters Anna's father (George Štrébl), which acts to her unhealthy feelings of protectiveness. When the three young heroes involved in a bloody brawl, starts with an unexpected sequence of dramatic events ... The film also stars Robert Nebřenský, Ivan Romančík or one of the best young actors of Slovak Jakub Gogál.

Film site is designed primarily for young audiences, but also to those who stood on the threshold of adulthood in the nineties. "I wanted to write something that would interest my children. Ninety just came out and so ultimately there really are not many. In fact, I avoided the story from there, so I do not hit them, how are you today speaks to high school. They are in fact only two types of movies about teenagers - young the young and old of young people, "says writer Ondřej Štindl.

Teaser for the film can be seen here.

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