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Prague Zoo: Giraffe began a month

Prague zoo this year celebrates 60 years of breeding giraffes. This anniversary commemorates several events in the area, then quiz a meeting with giraffes in the face of a Monday inputs for the crown for "giraffe" among visitors.

The first giraffe appeared in the Prague zoo 29 August 1954. Was a Masai giraffe Lenka, who traveled to Prague directly from Africa. With the history of the highest breeding mammals planet, but its success will be able to acquaint visitors during celebrations of the 60th anniversary. Celebrations of the Moon giraffes already started this Saturday, Aug. 2 near the African House.

"A lot of interesting things about the life of giraffes, visitors learn between 10 and 16 hours during regular meetings commented. The smallest visitors will be able to thanks to makeup for a moment turn into a giraffe, the more you compete in a collection of quiz, "says Petra Caltová department of the Prague Zoo and content." In mid-August, then Day will be up in the clouds and the last holiday weekend finish celebration event called Around the World in one day. "

For true fans of the Prague zoo giraffe groups have prepared quiz on Facebook profile Giraffes in Zoo Prague. "From Friday 1st to Friday, August 29 we will publish each week a question from the history of the breed giraffes. The contestants will be sent to the end of August all the answers to [email protected] email. The condition for participation in the competition is to join the so-called "selfie" custom photo taken on a new giraffe gate on the catwalk to African House, "explains Francis Tymr Department of the Prague Zoo and content.

The contestants waiting really attractive reward - the winners will have the unique opportunity to look into the background of African House and a close up view its residents, Rothschild giraffes.

Another attraction for visitors on the occasion of 60 years of breeding giraffe in the Prague Zoo in August Happy Mondays for "giraffe", ie Mondays, when women can over 185 men and 200 cm above the entrance to the zoo use for just one penny.

Source: tz Zoo Praha
To tz Photo: Tomáš Adamec, Zoo Praha

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