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Dog bite hurts ...

... And not only that, it's absolute most cases unnecessary, especially when it comes to child. In summer, however, according to the State Health Institute counts numerous injuries caused by dogs. Over the last six weeks in terms of two to six cases per week.

Now when it comes to children, this risk can not be underestimated, since the majority of dog attacks in the face. Responsibility for the dog, of course, its owner, has your dog can have a dog for any injury caused by bears responsibility. But parents can not rely on it, you need to turn "have it in their power" and especially child is advised that you should not play with an unknown animal.

And what do you do when an injury occurs? Of course, consult a doctor. A dog owner has a duty to show off your pet to the veterinarian for examination and must demonstrate that they are vaccinated against rabies. Although rabies with us since 2002 not occur compulsory vaccination of dogs. It does not now vaccinated each year, vaccines whose effectiveness lasts up to three years, however, the dog must be immune. IF not, the owner threatens sanctions fine.

So be careful when summer travel on road trips, especially in foreign countries where the right to call and examination of the quadrupeds may be very difficult. Especially given that rabies is a real danger with which to be reckoned in the male, stray, without a master, and in all the countries of North Africa, but also in the Balkans and in neighboring Poland.

Source: SVS tz
Tz Author: Josef Duben, printing. spokesman SVS

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