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The more disappearing wild animals, the more violence, slavery and organized crime

More than a billion poor people around the world are crucially dependent on the diet of hunted wild animals. But those in the wild hurriedly disappearing. That is the reason of conflicts between people, piracy or child labor and other negative phenomena.

"The enormous pressure that people create to the population of wild animals has an impact on the ecological integrity. But it also has far-reaching implications for human society as a whole, the health of people, their livelihoods and national security, "says Chris Golden from the Wildlife Conservation Society, which is dedicated to the topic.

"The loss of wildlife is often seen as accompanying signs of social unrest and lawlessness. Very often, but it is their source, "says
Justin Brashares of the University of California at Berkely." And the protection of wild animals should be one of the key steps for conflict prevention and seemingly unrelated things such as child slave labor, smuggling ivory or piracy. "

According to Brashares shows that dipping wild animals occurs drastic transformation of the local economic structure, which becomes the basis for labor exploitation.

Loss of wildlife in the region leads to the formation of groups that have forcefully claimed control over the dwindling resources of game. Shop with meat and products from wild animals, then gets under the control of criminal groups such as the Lord's Resistance Army or Jajaweed, which is also involved in the illegal trade in fur and ivory.

In Somalia, the local people attempt to defend his ailing fishing territory from the depredations of industrial fishing has led to the emergence of first naval patrols. However, the situation was in terms of Somalis so bleak that a number of naval patrols became feared pirates.

According to scientists, it is necessary coherence loss of wildlife and human society to pay more attention and suggest the emergence equivalent of the International Panel on Climate Change, aimed not at the loss of wildlife and impacts on society.


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