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Recreation, relaxation, well-being: Summer holiday in the Austrian farm

Life in the city takes place today at a pace that most of us crave on vacation after one thing - to live it in peace, together with the whole family and best place where time seemingly running at least a little bit slower. Where you can enjoy such things as clean air, the silence, the smell of hay and fresh bread with cream cheese.

Every day holiday on a farm, you can start a perfect breakfast, stroll through the surrounding meadows or visit the stable where necessary - if you feel like it - i enclose a hand. During the day, then maybe go for a ride on the bike, on a hike or maybe even stay put chairs under a spreading apple tree. But first things first.

What do we start?

That is breakfast the most important meal of the day, we've heard countless times, but as a council to follow when on her in real life simply run out of time? Enjoy it at least leave with her when you can spend an hour or more. The farmhouse is a delicious breakfast served fresh yet warm milk with a fine mousse. That the milk just nepotrpíte? You may change your mind, when you find that you have the opportunity to nadojit it yourself, or at least participate in milking. Enjoy the most seemingly ordinary of delicacies such as natural yogurt, cottage cheese or fresh cheese that made him the owner of the farm - and during your vacation and your hostess - can conjure up. Goodness, that was for our grandmothers everyday matter of course for us are absolutely exceptional.

Back to Nature

We get around to the most important things farm holidays offers. This is a return to nature. On the farm you know people who can and in the world today live in absolute harmony with natural laws. The greatest benefits that such a way of holiday offers include just the opportunity to spend it with the owners and residents of the local farms. You will recognize the natural and sincere people whose lifestyle is far removed from ours. Farm Holidays spends most families. So while you'll talk with the farmer, with whom he may gradually establish a friendship, your children with a taste befriends the animals that live there - with cows, sheep and rabbits, but also the dog or cat family.

Work as fun

It is clear that the holiday we want above all to rest. Possibly the first day or two on the farm spend on a deck chair under a bright blue sky. But soon, you can not curiosity. When you see the morning the owner of the farm as a place for the kitchen goes first to the barn, you will want to add to it. Your help is welcome. You will soon discover that the farm not only learn something new but i have a decent work out. Such morning kydání manure is better than half an hour in the gym. And most importantly - immediately behind you will see the results of their work, which man always happy. You can expect but also attractive tasks. While children may be involved in feeding or the farmer's wife settle into the chicken coop for fresh eggs laid on, you can kneel together with the farmer milking a cow. Like most people of the city who are taking a spectacle for the first time, you'll just be amazed how much milk from one cow each day Nado. And what a great first glass of warm milk still tastes good.

When it's time for lunch

Delicatessen rustic breakfast we talked about, but even more local food will leave no doubt that the farm eating well and alive. Taste apples, carrots and other fruits and vegetables from a local orchard and garden. Bread with cottage cheese spread, you can pick yourself chives from the herb garden. Or she might prefer to send their children to enable them to pluck a sprig for myself and for you the way it could subtly ukusovat. Fresh herbs are widely used even in the hot kitchen. And if some local specialty particularly enjoy, do not hesitate to ask for the recipe peasant woman. It is usually a "secret recipe" that's passed down from generation to generation. But today's farmers know that it is not advisable to keep a secret at all costs for teeth and ate them with you to share.

Each region (and also each farm) offers its own specialties: in Tyrol's are stuffed dumplings in the Wachau apricot sweet again. Taste the local schnapps, wine and lots of other foods and beverages. There are local to their regional produce extremely proud, so you can be sure that you offer only the best. Eating is known to be the most pleasant part of the whole process, but you can already participate in the preparation and production. Wondering how to make apricot jam from home? Accept the invitation to the kitchen, consider a hand-embroidered waist apron, grab a spoon in your hand and you can start mixing fragrant mixture in the pot. And if the farmer's wife also knead dough for bread, wait for a sign up, to shape the loaves and bet them in the oven.

Being so winemaker week

Wine lovers I want to be as close to center stage and be able to watch up close how to manually collect ripe grapes and how they have pressed the juice, which then produces high quality Austrian wines. The winery has a long tradition in Austria and the local wines have a very good reputation. So why not to enter into the field a little deeper? If you prefer to spend your holiday in the skin winemaker, nothing you can do that. Accommodation is in traditional farms in manicured vineyards, vineyard in modern houses or building with a romantic wine cellars. You can expect a memorable vacation. If you feel adventurous, you can engage in the work in the vineyard, because after a job well done a wine tasting in the original historic wine cellar even more enjoyable.

From each according to his

Silence heals. This applies, of course, not only during the holidays, but just on holiday you can "silence therapy" naordinovat. In addition to farm peacefully enjoy stunning panoramic views and hiking in the nearby hills. Farm Holidays in Austria offers original preserved mountain chalet, but also in modern renovated estates with perfect wellness centers. In addition to these wine estates can be accommodated on the farm with the option of riding or wheelchair accessible, bylinkářském or biostatku. Given that a great concern, farm holidays just for families with young children, it is possible to stay on the farm, which specializes directly to families with babies and toddlers.

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