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Good care of your teeth and protect your heart

Caring for teeth is very important - from decaying teeth and gums may be because only a small step to heart disease. If bacteria from the oral cavity to reach the blood may accumulate in the blood vessels or the heart valves and cause serious problems. As early recognition of problems and solve it?

For all bacteria can

The tissues surrounding the tooth are collectively called the periodontium. It belongs to them further apart and gums and the bone in which the tooth is fixed. Healthy gums are pale pink, firm and very elastic. On the surface, you can watch fine pitting. If you experience such a description does not match, you may suffer from one of these diseases.

Gingivitis first
- the first stage of periodontal disease. It is the inflammation that is characterized by reddened and swollen gums. Sometimes it can be enlarged interdental papillae and it seems that the gum covers the greater part of the tooth. Another feature of this disorder is bleeding during cleaning. Inflammation is caused by bacteria that adhere to the tooth surface, and if not removed, they get between the tooth and the gum and cause the problem. Although at this time cleaning teeth painful and cause more bleeding, it's the best thing to save your gums can do. If we intervene good oral hygiene, disease can quietly go into more serious stages.

Second Periodontitis
- is a continuation of untreated gingivitis. Bacteria attack the other structures that secure the tooth to the bone and the bone itself. The disease is typical receding gums, revealing more of the tooth and later vikláním teeth and their loss. It is caused by a very aggressive type of bacteria that is easy to penetration of tissues. Therefore, the risk of penetration into the bloodstream high. The body's natural response to inflammation is bacteria. The oral cavity causes bone destruction and tooth loss in the heart but it can cause, for example inflammation of the heart valves.

Learn the correct procedure

When caring for your teeth and prevent the penetration of bacteria into the bloodstream is the most important proper cleaning.
The basic equipment includes a toothbrush with thick, soft and straight trimmed bristles. We provide them a soft rings and focus on the transition area between the gum and tooth.
Brush all surfaces not clean the tooth. Also important are the interdental spaces where it settles greatest amount of bacteria. Can they neither language nor saliva - much more effective than oral or water modern water showers are in this case small interdental brushes and dental floss.
Interdental brushes come in many sizes, expert advise which is best for you.
Dental floss gets everywhere, but its use is important to practice well. Perform a fully controlled and small serrated movements, never nit Do not force through the point of contact between two teeth. You can needlessly hurt.

Smoking masks the problem

Smoking itself increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. The effects of tobacco are also evident in the oral cavity. Effects of nicotine are closed small blood vessels that nourish the gums and teeth. This "throttling" and does not die gums or natural defenses against bacteria. Because of the mouths of smokers in greater danger than others mouth. In addition, among smokers is not present typical symptom - bleeding from the gums - so from the beginning of the problem may not even know.


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