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You choose sunglasses? The most important thing is functionality

When choosing sunglasses, you really should not think only of how in which the model will look like. Remember that the main purpose of sunglasses is to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays.

Oko we can not fix, we have to protect

Although the human body can replace a whole series of old or damaged cells, cells of the lens unfortunately can not replace. Therefore, the harmful effects of UV radiation during the life of the ophthalmic lens cells piling up in some cases result in cataract. This happens sooner, the less we protect your eyes from the sun.

How to protect your eyes

Regular wear sunglasses and their proper selection is to protect our eyes from the sun is essential. Here are the basic criteria by which we are choosing our glasses should follow:
Great UV filter - most sunglasses protect against UVB rays, but some cheaper models may leak UVA rays. The good optics, you should consult with a choice of filter glasses meet all necessary requirements should also be identified by a number corresponding standards.
Discoloration of glasses for your convenience - the darkness of the lens tells you nothing about how perfectly glasses protect against UV radiation, because the color of the glass protects only against visible light. Choose such glasses in which you feel comfortable, experts usually recommend throughput of around 20%.
The best color is gray - although wildly colored sunglasses may look cool, they prefer to avoid. Best Sunglasses is a common gray color, which uniformly absorbs different wavelengths of light. Coloured lenses should rather avoid especially those of us who are even under normal lighting problems with some difficulty recognizing colors.
Polarized lenses help - if you want to get rid of annoying reflections of light reflected from the water surface or smooth road, choose polarized lenses. Are particularly suitable for sport or driving.

The same care as we care choosing the right sunglasses for yourself, you should also pay choosing eyeglasses for their children. The children's sunglasses is not worth saving, because children's eye is particularly sensitive and damage in later life certainly occur.

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