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Zoran, my idiot nephew - wine tasting at the preview

Film Zoran, my nephew idiot going previews in cinemas summer, tasting of Italian wines ..

Italian-Slovenian film directed by Matteo Oleotty, whose official theatrical release is scheduled for August 28, will have a sneak preview of summer in movie theaters throughout the country. Viewers will have the opportunity at the chance to taste fine Italian wines produced by Wine Food Market. The first screening will take place this Friday August 8 in the open air cinema Širák in Hradec Králové.

Comedy set in a rural Italian wine is the feature debut of director, actor, screenwriter, and finally winemaker Mattea Oleotty. The film was shown to great acclaim at the Venice Film Festival in 2013, where he won several awards: Critics' Week Award Award Award FEDIC and Fedeora (Special Award). In the Czech Republic was first presented as part of Febiofest in the competition section of the New Europe.

Italian-Slovenian comedy shows with hyperbole Italian countryside and its inhabitants. The director takes to task temper inhabitants of a small region and juxtaposes two human types, which at first glance may not be distant, but the interaction will begin to transform and converge.

Projections tasting

The atmosphere of the picture was shot in the Italian region Friuli wine, enhanced by special events - tasting of three different wines from this region. Tastings, which are provided by Wine Food Market, will take place before the start of the projection.

Screening with wine tasting will take place this summer in cinemas:

LK Širák Hradec Králové 8th 8 and 29 8th (beginning at 20:30)
LK Sand 8th 15th (beginning at 21:00)
LK Beroun 18th 8th (beginning at 21:00)
LK Litoměřice 9th 8th (start 21.50)
LK boundaries Moravia 21st 8th (beginning at 21:00)

Movie Synopsis

Paolo is cynical in his forties, who is no stranger nothing wrong. He lives alone and spends evenings over a glass of good Italian wine in the tavern at Gustine, which weaves a futile dreams of returning to his former wife. His life is turned upside down but the arrival of Zoran, a sixteen year old boy with a surprised look, which Paolo "inherit" the Slovenian their relatives. Nephew Zoran may look like the Dodo, but it turns out that he has one ingenious feature that his uncle plans to use it to your advantage - flawlessly throwing darts. While Paolo frantically trying nephew talent properly monetize Zoranova presence will change not only well-established policy in a small town, but i Paolův stereotypical life.

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