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Ice tea - a little tea, a lot of sugar

Ice tea - a little tea, a lot of sugar For what we pay when we buy iced tea? Magazine dTest sent to the laboratory 21 black and green ice tea with lemon or lime. Almost half of the products tested contained an extremely low amount of tea extract or even none at all. Missing the taste of tea manufacturers are catching up with sugar or artificial sweeteners.

We drink tea because of its delicious taste and substances in it that have stimulant and antioxidant effects. dTest found that many drinks sold in stores under the name of iced tea, no substances typical for tea contain, or only in trace amounts. "Test results indicate a maximum effort to dilute the tea party. In the case of black teas we did not find those most concentrated tea constituents, more than what would correspond to a single serving of tea drenched liter of water. Only one of the tested products, green tea Rauch Nativa Green Tea Lemon, we could say that the tea contains more brine than water, "summed up the results of the test Daniel Pavlis, chief editor of the magazine dTest.

Laboratory looking for substances that tea must include: alkaloids caffeine, theobromine and theophylline and agents from the group of polyphenols. Caffeine appeared laboratory and in the worst of the products tested, but in trace concentration of about one milligram per liter (that is hundreds of times less than the normal tea infusion). Caffeine, however, can be added to any drink or synthetically, therefore, was to assess the "čajovosti" key presence of theobromine. The lab found in four cases at all, other values ​​were as caffeine and theobromine extremely low. The worst test resulted in private label products retail chains (Kaufland, Spar, Tesco, Albert), both in the black, and green ice tea.

"Prices of ice teas appear to be low, until you realize that instead of paying for water, tea with sugar or sweeteners. We calculated how much a liter of tea hypothetical contained in the bottle drinks called iced tea. Kgs of tea infusion diluted in the cheapest product testing Tesco Ice Tea Green Tea + Citrus would you come out to 1,063 crowns, "says
Daniel Pavlis. A cup of tea from the bag while normally come to a few tens of cents to a few bucks.

Insufficient tea flavor in the products to a certain extent overlaps the sugar or artificial sweeteners, together with a citrus flavor. Tested tea contained an average of 64 grams of sugar per liter, more than twelve pětigramových cubes, representing nearly two and a half blocks to the cup. The sensory test evaluators seemed sweetest products containing artificial sweeteners. "Low to no content of tea together using cheap artificial sweeteners such as aspartame or saccharin resulted icky taste a higher level of foreign aftertaste," summarizes the results of sensory tests Daniel Pavlis.

The test also revealed problems with the declaration on the package. Three products not mentioned at all share tea extract such information must be indicated. For others, showed that the above information is not reliable. Some manufacturers declare on the label so low in tea extract, that can not be verified or the latest scientific methods (black and green tea ice Kaufland / San Terra). Black tea Pfanner Ice Tea Lemon-Lime promises to the contrary, 90% of tea, which roughly corresponds to 0.9% of the tea extract. According to laboratory measurements, however, contained 0.4%, ie less than half. Greater than the actual amount of the extract also boasts black tea Tesco Ice Tea Lemon and product Aquila Tea.m Green tea with lemon juice.

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