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The largest festival in Prague? Landscape at the Zizkov freight station

Three hundred. This is the average daily attendance in the area of ​​freight station in Prague's Zizkov (NNZ). And in the days that are held social and cultural events, rising several times.

Until September 9, in which the candidates can at this new place on the cultural map of Prague holiday film or theater performances, exhibitions or lectures, or just enjoy the sandy beach and the new urban gardens with imaginative bar and a cargo station passes over perhaps 30 000 visitors.

Although the main attraction for many large exhibition project of landscape architecture and use of public space Festival Landscape, many come here for his practical and often spontaneous bleeds. The opportunity to learn how to gardening or farming in the city, original refreshment in hot summer or atypical game corner for children, is still very little. A shows interest in them as well as trends in leisure activities.

Among the biggest attractions is undoubtedly the forthcoming premiere of a two-week public putting film version of the bestseller Mariusz Szczygieł Gottland. Under the image, which will be screened for the first time on the 18th August is signed by the director or producer Petr Hátle Tomas Hruby. Zizkov station expands 14th - August 15 performance Fredrik After the ensemble also flies Prague Pride festival.

"We are thrilled with how the people of Prague and, increasingly, foreign tourists or numerous trips outside Prague revival freight station received. Reports the number of producers and promoters who want to use unconventional potential of the place. What we started up in an attempt to revitalize this magical place, resulted in a new vineyard, gardens and dozens of workshops and unexpected opportunities for theater artists and filmmakers, "says the first half of the festival Landscape boss Galerie Jaroslava Fragnera Dan Merta, who stood together with Prague 3 and other partners began this project.

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