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Red wine is good for women. It is a source of distraction, helps spontaneous conception

French suffer up to a 40% lower incidence of heart disease than people from western countries. And this despite the fact that too much any sport and do not pay attention to a healthy lifestyle. It has to do with the so-called French paradox, for already in 1819 marked the physician Samuel Black curiously low incidence of heart attacks among the French.

Adequate consumption of wine is a positive influence not only on the health of men, but especially women. In addition, it supports the intestinal anti-inflammatory and anti-stress, helping spontaneous conception.

Recent research has shown that not only grapes, but wine has a positive influence on the human organism. The skin is a source of fiber, which is beneficial for bowel function and purging the body. "In wine is also included antioxidant called resveratrol, which helps delay aging, for example, protects the body from stress and have a positive effect on the cardiovascular system. It also reduces the risk of cancer, diabetes and other neurological disorders. It has anti-inflammatory effects and especially helps alleviate urinary tract infections that plague women more often than men, "said gynecologist and sexologist Pavel Turčan. In addition, suffers nowadays many women have anxiety disorders associated with access to the labor market and raising a family. They often cause problems with conception. Occasional drinking wine helps to overcome anxiety that block the process of courtship, including spontaneous conception.

Red wine as a source of natural antioxidants

Most experts are inclined to think that red wine is healthier than white. It's the different production. "Red wine is made ​​from the fruit and the skins, while white wines are made ​​from fermented grape juice that does not peel. It is in the skins of grapes is the largest amount of beneficial substances, "explained Monika Kořínková of Blatel Wine Company, which ranks among the largest producers of red wine varieties Merlot in the Czech Republic. The red wine is a large amount of natural antioxidants, so called flavonoids. "Natural antioxidants in wine reduce inflammation course, also have antimicrobial and antiviral effects. They stabilize blood capillaries, affect the levels of estrogen in the blood and support the effect of vitamin C, "she added Kořínková." Drinking red wine has a beneficial effect on blood formation. Generally dry wines contain more favorable than sweet substances, "said Pavel Turčan.

Glass of red supports fertility and pregnancy

Not only that, thanks střídmému women drinking red wine adds to the beauty of their skin, but also age more slowly. The positive effects of drinking about two glasses of wine a day were seen at their fertility. Women who drink wine, shorter waiting time to pregnancy. "Grapes do contain fructose, which slightly raises blood sugar levels, and helping to reduce fatigue and irritability. That women can use, for example, in the period before menstruation, especially women with premenstrual syndrome, "explained gynecologist and sexologist Pavel Turčan.

Doctors recommend that pregnant women frequently drink red wine in the form of grapes or grape juice. "This is a natural juice pressed from grapes. The juice is pasteurized immediately before the fermentation process, so alcohol during its production does not arise. This is actually a cider or juice, in which the beneficial effects of resveratrol and other substances in the wine contained fully preserved, "explained Monika Kořínková." However, if a pregnant woman wanted to consume wine with alcohol, it is necessary to make it truly moderation. Maybe 2 times a week 1 one decilitre. In this case, the positive effects outweigh the risks, "said Pavel Turčan. In addition to pregnancy can have red wine a positive impact on the birth itself. According to experts, the birth in the past by a glass of red wine, which helped women to relax the cervix.

Source: Lesenský.cz

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