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Weekly Horoscope Aug 11 to Aug 17, 2014

Weekly Horoscope Aug 11 to Aug 17, 2014 No problem is unsolvable, all these are just challenges that either grab, or let lie. But the world will not crumble in one of two cases ..

Week: 11th 8th 2014 - 17, 8th 2014

Aries (21.3-20.4.)

Dear Lambs, try to stay in every situation of things. If you want to laugh at yourself, because you do something really "lead", then feel free to laugh. The best is when you can own imperfection as a joke .. material things you should keep firmly in hand at the moment. You know what you can afford, and which way is not the way. Just continue to behave accordingly - and will be well .. In private, you can achieve a lot. Do you have the gift of speech, and that you should use, unless you need someone to push somewhere. Persuasive skills are at the top of you, so do not delay ..

Taurus (21.04-20.05)

Dear Young bulls, keep your feet on the ground and control his emotions. Something for you to act like a red rag, but you can look for his and do not be provoked to action. In your own interest, calmly looking for "their pastures" .. the material realm points out that you are trying to escape from certain truth while you know that you should respond. Somewhere not perceive reality, and it's a shame. Your Privacy .. could please a fluke. You can unexpectedly meet an old friend, or someone you may first cause chaos in my head. However, in the end, all the meetings and many joyful and unforgettable. It suits you walk with your head held high, so straighten Look - at least among people! ..

Gemini (5.21-6.21)

Dear Gemini, perhaps through one's falsity do not see the correct path that you should take. Or stand in the way of themselves. I see something else, because the wish is father of the thought. Admit it, you feel better .. In business matters will be explained perlite. Any trade close, could be better .. Do privacy heading joy and merriment. If you have any discrepancies with loved ones, these should be clarified - just wish the hearing party. Something you can not let explain a misunderstanding arose. Discuss everything without emotion and then to celebrate ..

Rak (6.22-7.22)

Dear gulls, it seems to be around you quite a lot of fun and merriment. You can be proud of themselves and their loved ones, respectively. on your relationships. They are balanced and thoroughly enjoyable. Do not rest on our laurels, this "box" is still necessary to enjoy oneself at work .. If you keep your mouth shut and not get involved in any disputes, then survive the week unscathed. But where pride to win your stubbornness, wait, that someone stronger will be reported to the appropriate limits. Do you need it? .. Enjoy the pleasant atmosphere at home, freer summer mode. Especially if you have children of school age. Docked with them, running out. I will. Sosejte energy as much as possible ..;)

Lion (23.7 to 23.8.)

Dear Lowchens, you may assume that you will not get what you expect. Do not take too long and try not to wave your hand over it; it is not a life !. Sometimes, time will show that the original estimates were bolder than reality. But it is a natural part of living. Cheer up! .. Massive and evaluated solely by intuition, not by how it sees someone around you. If it fits you, it's just your thing. If you encounter an obstacle, and then rely on their own judgment .. To someone in your vicinity will need to change the approach. To move somewhere else and better relationships, then the first step for you. Settle what you can, because life is to short a total of petty disputes ..

Virgo (24.08-23.09)

Precious Dolls, aims to help new energy, thanks to which they can begin to realize dreams. Over something you have more time brooding and now would be a good time to turn the plan into reality. He who hesitates .. Substantive issues driving intuition, which is currently well. The decision by someone else is the wrong way. Although it might sound exaggerated, now you know everything .. The best personal matters where it is necessary to decide decision aside. It would be wrong, because you do not know about all the important things. If you would to someone pushed, the more the lock. And even if you have to choose between multiple options. In short, now not to take any decision ..

Libra (24.09-23.10.)

Dear Libra, it seems to you coming good times. Around you flows of positive energy, so maybe not, that would be wasted. Try to enjoy all the offers that you life slips. Now is the favorable time for you to look around for something new, you could be spiritually enriching .. Material area seems to be quiet, should not threaten anything unpredictable, and not at all bad. Perhaps only care to any commitments - not close loans! .. Privacy face a total joy to mischievously. Discover in each piece of the child and zlákejte partner on a piece of the infantile; especially on vacation are "crazy ideas" allowed ..;)

Scorpio (24.10-22.11.)

Dear Scorpio, do not do anything that would be contrary to your conscience. If you have no doubts about something, do it! But otherwise "thread through" their own doubts, do not press anything. An inner voice tells correctly .. The financial and business sphere married these days under the protection of Lucky Star - whatever takes place, it happens in your favor. If you are looking for a new job, you should have success, and such investment will be more than worth it. You simply under the supervision of heaven itself .. Privately, anything is possible, as if you were born on the planet happy. It is not a permanent condition (like anything in life), so take advantage of every opportunity Look for activities with loved ones. Do not sit "on the couch" Life is short ..

Sagittarius (23.11-21.12.)

Dear Shooters, most of the current troubles are brought themselves. Looking for problems where there are none, respectively. would not have to be if you acknowledge that you have the gift of speech, which is good here and there to use .. Beware of the fellow what the work looks like a friend. Do not give to work with, or even private issues. Soon it will use against you. Do not give him a chance. A finance from the hand not rise - now you just bought the same dysfunctional stuff .. Privately, you should throw on their hobbies and everything that makes you pleasure. Worried drain from the head, they want to solve it for you more protective powers. Since you only need one: Get out "of the light", I can see them; in translation: nepřekážejte ..;)

Capricorn (22.12.-01.20)

Dear Ibexes, try not to be so "HRR" as you can. Now it really does not fit, and what's more, you harmed yourself. Push yourself in the rush of emotion, or counterparty vyplašíte .. In the financial area, be more than vigilant! Threatens to fail because something will blyštět as gold, but it will not be the gold cat. You tend to succumb to the false illusion, but it is up to you, if you are careful .. In the area of ​​personal're a little lazy, right? What you might! If you wanted to. But if you are looking for luck, you must go to meet him and a little effort. Yeah, for free or for a chicken ... Capricorn nehrábne ..

Aquarius (21.1-19.2.)

Dear Aquarius, in certain matters comes a twist. So there is no need to download pants when brod far! Everything can be even otherwise. Do not panic .. Check your finances, anyone could be a problem. Current dreams are unrealistic, it is important to realize. The long-term goal abbreviation does not, so be sure to keep to convince them otherwise .. Good mood should help you maintain privacy. There seems everything harmoniously, your relationships are these days, perhaps even a bed of roses. Love is to know at every step. Not only partner, but also the parent. I relations between friends bloom. Earlier wrongs are forgiven. And you decorate strong sex appeal ..;)

Fish (20.02-20.03)

Dear Goldfish, you create problems themselves where they are not - can you think of the fabulously. Look at things realistically and not through your favorite catastrophic glasses. No problem is unsolvable, all these are just challenges that either grab, or let lie. But the world will not crumble in one of two cases .. Financial planning area will soon reward you for your perseverance, which by the way is absolutely admirable. For a long time working on what would prove to anybody - persevere and be proud of yourself! .. Privately scrambles with illusions. Something completely different than you see or want to see. The sooner you realize the reality and arrange according to her, the faster you will be happy. Happiness is now in your hands. Not fold chance ..

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