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How to pack for vacation ...

You stand in front of an open suitcase and wondering what to pack with you on your dream vacation to the sea. Wonders how many pairs of shoes you take, if you will throw those heels heel whether to pack at least two pairs of flip flops in case you lose one of you ... Do your better half says that there not going to a fashion show and a pair of old sandals after all you have to do.

We offer you a small guide "package" on vacation, that this will facilitate a necessary part of traveling ..

Whether you are on or Mácháč Maldives, it is always good to pack wisely and for each pair of clothes that you want to pack for myself say: "Indeed it for the week I need?" Practical rule is to take from your wardrobe a little of everything. One nice dresses, shorts, light and dark shirt, light summer evenings svetýrek ... If everything in the trunk again accumulated too, again to each piece, say: "Are you an evening dress on holiday in Croatia unosím?" Do not forget to take one great practical shoulder bag that will fit both the beach and shopping. The travel is ideal and safe.

How many pairs do you take?

And now we come to the most difficult decisions that many women exaggeration to liken Sophie's Choice - what shoes do you take? Footwear unlike clothes in our suitcases takes up more space, so you should be packing very sparingly. "On a classic summer holiday lady richly minimum of three pairs of shoes. One convenient canvas for long walks, some quality periwinkle, which in the hot sand just fall apart. Lacking would you also not open decent shoes, ideal for evening entertainment, "says Veronika Sajdoková of CCC. If you want to take your favorite holiday ballet shoes, include them also have a special "balerínkové" socks. Going barefoot is nice, although sometimes, but in great heat to easily mash feet and blisters as they do with socks that will avoid easily. Remember in your carrying case make a place for foot deodorant that refreshes your feet. The further south you go, the more you will be grateful for him.

Bet on the crease-resistant material

It is good to take materials that are lightweight and portable and do not make too much. Ideal j such as chiffon. Spend your holiday ironing is probably not possible. And this summer wear? If you really want to be in, so take a vacation wardrobe in mint green or coral, which play a prim fashion this year. "Our success also celebrates the return of trousers with high gray that in the 40s made ​​famous actress Katharine Hepburn. These pants are ideal for long trips because they are very comfortable and airy. This year is also popular floral motif, which is to leave the sea as perfect. And his head from the sun can be sure to cover modern straw hat, "says Monika Janotová the Gate.

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