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Climate change brought waves of the size of the house

Climate change will necessarily lead to the transformation of our world. One of documented examples can be metamorphosis that takes place in the Arctic Ocean. Due to warming are disappearing ice sheet, the Arctic Ocean has more free levels than ever before and in the future it will grow. The result is that there appear during storms and extremely large waves. The Arctic Ocean is a new element, which are now operating.

Jim Thomson, a scientist at the University of Washington, during 2012, conducted research on the waves in the Arctic Ocean. During one storm in September 2012, there were waves higher than the house.
"During September we measured storm waves with a height of 5 meters. Are created by very strong winds that are common in the region, "says
Jim Thomson.

Ice sheet usually started some 160 kilometers from the mainland. In 2012 started up to 1,600 kilometers from the mainland. The wind, which is a free sea surface chasing, creating small frothy waves, which gradually grew into the waves and then into large coherent waves. Each of them carries a tremendous amount of energy.

The more free surface waves were available, it grew to larger sizes. And the waves were bigger, thus creating a larger area in which he could lean against the wind and give it its strength.

For shipping may be the trend line through the budget. Carriers of reduced ice cover in the Arctic Ocean promised shorter transport routes. With the influence of big waves but did not count.

"Almost all damages and losses that happen in shipping, related to the storms. A big waves are the most common culprit, "says Thomson.

Waves have no impact but only to shipping. Samy further work on the rest of the melting ice sheet. Its power can break, with the trend only strengthens. I run out of coastal areas due to wave transformation. Waves is the coastal permafrost active erosion.


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