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In early September, enters the cinema film wanted man

At the beginning of September to enter Czech cinema thriller titled Top man, whose main role played by the late Oscar-winning actor Philip Seymour Hoffman.

The film was made ​​under the baton of director Anton Corbijn (The American and Acrobat), according to the bestselling John le Carrého, one of the most famous writers of spy novels, he himself had worked for the British secret service MI5 and MI6. Draft of the book is a compelling modern tale full of intrigue , love, rivalry and politics. Given that the world premiere of this film already behind, according to the world's grapevine is a performance worthy of the hero of the next Oscar. The film is in Czech cinemas we can look forward to September 4, 2014.

Philip Seymour Hoffman in the film plays the role of head of the German anti-terrorist group that has problems with alcohol. In Hamburg's Islamic community, one night appears an unknown man on the verge of death. Half-Chechen, half-Russian, which carries a $ 500 million-secret information about the account in a private bank. His identity remains a mystery - Issa is a terrorist or a victim of dirty practices of international crime? When it becomes clear where they come from money in the account, his life will be in danger and start him intensely interested in all the secret services, including the boss himself by Hoffman. The director of Hoffamnovi said: "It was a really great man, who managed to completely immerse the role and give his maximum. He had us all beneficial view of the nature of his character and the film as a whole, including hudby.Byl the best actor I've ever worked with. "

The other roles played by Rachel McAdams, Willem Dafoe, Robin Wright, Nina Hoss, Matin Wuttke, Daniel Brühl, Charlotte Schwab, Rainer Bock, and more.

Top man is the first image that comes into cinemas after his death. But certainly not the last. Another film, whose world premiere will not live to see Hoffman, will Hunger Games: The Power of defiance, but for which we wait until the autumn of this year.

Trailer to watch can be found here

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