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Wrinkle: do not expect miracles

Advertising slogans promoting anti-wrinkle creams promise to provide more youthful-looking skin without significant signs of aging. When buying these products usually need to dig fairly deep into the pocket. Does it pay? What is their actual effectiveness? Consumer magazine dTest had to test the 14-day anti-wrinkle creams and found that most of them beats the usual moisturizer.

Like elsewhere, and in cosmetics there is an unwritten rule that the mark is valid. This means higher product price also better quality? For most of the tested anti-wrinkle creams will pay from two to five hundred crowns, some kinds of price swings well over a thousand crowns.

"Test Day Cream has shown that spend thousands on anti-wrinkle creams is unnecessary. Two products were tested in the fight against wrinkles fairly good results, other creams, however, resulted in the reduction of wrinkles virtually the same as a normal moisturizer, "says
Ondřej Janoško, editor dTest. He adds: "The most effective product in the test was the cheapest - Cien Day Cream Q10 for 60 crowns available in stores Lidl."

Each product reviewed tested 30 volunteers aged 31 to 70 years in each group were women with the same status of wrinkles, smokers and nonsmokers. Volunteers used regularly tested creams twice a day for four weeks. Women did not know the brand of cream that should be evaluated.

To measure the state of each participant underwent wrinkles before the test and after examination by FOITS when the skin reflects light, the particles are captured by the reflection of a sensitive camera. It can be calculated based on the reflection surface of the skin its structure and 3D display perfectly visible wrinkles. She studied with the ability to test creams moisturize the skin. Sufficiently hydrated skin is important because in the fight against wrinkles, not only in the prevention but also for their reduction.

"After about a month of using wrinkle creams women in most cases were not convinced of their effectiveness. It turned out that no anti-wrinkle cream can not miracles and thus gained no very good mark, "summarizes
the test results Ondřej Janoško.

The same results as the winning product achieved in the reduction of wrinkles and the second one Eucerin Hyaluron-filler for 500 crowns. Hydrates slightly worse, but but is suitable for people with allergies. The other 12 tested wrinkle creams fought about the same as an ordinary moisturizer.

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