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New trends in interior: Ubiquitous wood, Czechs, establish working and relaxing room

According interior architects and designers now subsiding trend austere and cold interiors, picking natural materials nature such as stone and wood. It is not only the inner part of the interior, as well as other accessories and equipment in the house. In addition, today about 80% of the proposed interior includes a study or relaxation room.

When interior design is currently starts dropping from cold and austere interiors, replacing natural materials. "Current trend in interior design is a return to the classics, to traditional materials such as wood or stone," says interior decorator and designer Dana Krčmářová . "In the manufacture of furniture in the forefront of solid wood mostly represented by wood ash wood or elm, which replaced the previously widely used oak. Another important element in the interior is the use of natural stone with a strong drawing, which is used not only as a compress on the wall, but also on table tops and also finds use in bathrooms, "said Martin Hradec, owner of Keepline, which deals with architecture and design that a large impact on the overall functioning of the interior furnishings are also other features and accessories.

This trend is confirmed by the domestic manufacturers and suppliers of doors, roller shutters and garage doors. "Just about ten years ago was not for people when choosing and buying blinds primarily important their appearance. Today, however, choose blinds that blend in with the architecture, construction material and color concepts of their house or apartment. This example is visible on demand with imitation wood blinds that during the last three years has increased by almost a third, "said Lubomir Valenta, manager of Lomax, engaged in the manufacture of roller shutters." Similar situation was recorded in a garage door. It has not only perform a practical function, the gates are now considered part of the aesthetic home. The highest demand for garage door with imitation wood walnut, the so-called decor Balsamico, which compared to 2009 rose by 50%, "Valenta said.

Besides the use of natural materials in the interior nowadays has become a fashionable trend arrange in house office or study. "We can say that today 4 of 5 interiors that we propose include labor. While in bytes is the most common solution working corner in a living space for family home office is a separate room, "explained Martin Hradec." Czechs in the procurement of equipment for the home office addition in the last 2 years there has been more focus on the quality of the used materials and health aspects . For example, in the chair structure voted this year to 72% of cases, ergonomic design that provides lumbar support, then most of the materials prefer hygienic netting. Working usually fits into one dominant fashion colors, which make the selection and staplers, hole punches and binders, "confirms the trend of companies Jana Martínková Activa, a leading provider of office equipment in the country.

According interior architects and designers are beginning to be part of the interior nowadays also a relaxation room. "For about a third of the interiors require owners to incorporate a relaxation room. These are the domain of houses and have different uses according to the preferences of their owners. The most common type tend to use their gym, to a lesser extent, are furnished as saunas, hot tubs, or is placed in them space for leisure activities, such as billiards or table tennis, "said Martin Hradec that a normal part of the space is even smaller bar with background and at least bar seating.

Source: tz Lesenský.cz

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