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This is the end, she thought Ukrainian Raisa, when the grenade struck the house ..

The ongoing armed conflict in eastern Ukraine already expelled from their homes thousands of people. They run mainly because of the threat of bombardment, destroyed houses and collapse of services. According to the UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) in Ukraine is officially over 139,000 IDPs and 188,000 people fled by UNHCR from January to Russia. Real numbers but will be much higher.

People in Need (PIN) opens an office in Kiev and in Eastern Ukraine sent a coordinator in place that detects specific needs and planning effective assistance to the most vulnerable people. Medical assistance to victims of violence in Ukraine provides the People in Need Foundation since February.

People fleeing with only a few things, and their houses are often under fire completely destroyed. "In many places, no water, no electricity or gas, and people are hiding in the cellar. Banks are closed, so people can not get to their savings, "explains Emergency Relief Coordinator Tomas Vlach." Escaped from the hospital, most of the staff, there's drugs and patients often lies only with candlelight, "says that most people refuge with relatives or in refugee centers.

"People in Need wants to help IDPs, but also people who are returning to damaged areas, repairing damaged homes and apartments, and also has to deal with the difficult economic situation or job loss. We will focus on the most damaged areas, the first round assistance planned for the next few days, "says
program coordinator Ukrainian PIN Ondřej Nádvorník. Assistance will also need to prepare for the approaching winter. Many refugees namely dwells in rooms at low temperatures are not ready. People most vulnerable people in need through humanitarian help fund the Friends of People in Need.

It overwhelms me or not? Raisa thought

"It was a little before nine in the morning. The blast, full of dust, I thought it was over. I ran up the stairs of the apartment, curling around the different panels, I thought - overwhelms me or not? Finally, I took a chance and ran, "says Raisa Jelisjevová the moment when her house in Mikolajevce near slavjansk destroyed an artillery shell. The bullet swept away a large part of a block of flats. Died under the rubble of 12 people, one of the neighbors managed to rescue workers pull even after three days. Alternative accommodation authorities failed to address the midst of war. "Helped neighbors with small little room next to the piece," says Ms. Raisa.

It is seemingly clear that the builders will have to demolish part of a long block of flats. The question is whether we can build again and who will pay for it. "What's next, I do not know. I have to wait? Or go away? In Russia? In St. Petersburg I was born, "muses Raisa." Where would I go - no money. And, there's no one waiting for me, "he says after a moment.

Ambulance does not work, people buried in the yards

While at the beginning of June, the number of IDPs from Donetsk and Luhansk region by UNHCR was around 2600, at the beginning of August, there were already 102 600 One of them is seven years old Maxim, who a few days ago escaped from Luhansk to Popasné, where he and relatives Pervomajskoe mayor of allocated seats in the hostel one of the local factories. The front line is but a few kilometers away and grenades flying every night. Therefore hiding in the cellar. The hostel but you can cook, people carry food and lodging are free.

With life in the shelling of the town is no comparison. "In Pervomajsk not work shops. Some local separatists and stole everything, "says another resident hostels Nikolaj that day and exploding grenades are dead and wounded. People have yet to cope alone. "Not working ambulance or fire brigade. When it comes to shove, people bury their dead in the yard, because any way the city is dangerous, "said Nikolai.

Getting out of the bombarded areas, it is not easy. The brave taxi driver for a journey between the front lines taking the equivalent of up to 1000 crowns. According to the refugees may třistakilometrová way from the combat zone because of detours and roadblocks take up to 24 hours. Another option is to run through meadows and fields, but where is mine. Yet people go that way with the children.

Maxim with others therefore remains Popasné and still hopes to fall still manages to school. "But where," muses boy and after a while he replies: "My mom says that I will go through to the street. At home in Luhansk. "Similarly today, considering over 20 000 children are among the registered refugees. According to the latest information in the field of 117 partially or completely destroyed schools.

The explosion and suddenly looked out of the living room to the street

Ukrainian and Russian Olga Babrickaja Marina Pavličenko suffered during fighting in Semjonovce slavjansk close together. Marina addition, during the battle lost her husband, who worked as a handyman in a psychiatric hospital. He was killed by a grenade. "We stayed here alone. Two women in one house, "says Olga that everyone left the house either to Russia or to relatives. Clean up broken windows on the stretched plastic bag and then began the siege of the authorities to restore electricity and water supplies. The gas still waiting, like the Commission, which should determine the extent of damage and potential compensation that people could get a post-conflict government.

In the hopes but few. Both are assumed salary per two thousand crowns a month. "This is just to survive, but can not stand for it. What do we do? Just leave the house as is and hope that someone either repair or we simply falls on his head, "they say in unison.

To Nina Kravets from the nearby Kramatorsk is lucky that their house is on the eyes, and the mayor promised to repair. "Fortunately, we did not sleep in that room," recalls Nina at night, when suddenly they heard the explosion and looked out of the living room right down the street. Furniture and furnishings, which earned years, destroyed a single grenade.

Aid PIN to Ukraine

To help Ukraine, PIN used for a million crowns from SOS Ukraine and 500,000 crowns to help loosen the humanitarian fund of the Club of Friends of People in Need . Helped especially after the February protests in Kiev, where a medical team treated nearly 80 patients. Furthermore, PIN coordinated the evacuation of seriously injured and their transport to the Czech Republic. A total of 39 patients were transported.

At present, People in Need helps one-time contributions to health care for people injured in protests in Kiev and also injured in the East of Ukraine. In cooperation with the Ukrainian NGO E + created a list of injured people who constantly updated based on current requirements. People in Need will contribute to health care approximately 150 people injured.

Source: tz PIN
Photo to tz: Tomas Vlach / PIN

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