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Waiting in vain for the delivery of a package? 'Do Ruky' not in your hand? Defend yourself.

Who would not know it. Sent to you by post shipment via package in hand, at home, however, within the specified time as waiting for the arrival of the postman. The shipment is delayed because either, or the place of delivery is at the post office and you notice in the mailbox of the addressee missed tests. Defense, however, exists.

Package to hand unfortunately not guarantee delivery really "in hand".

Service VašeStíž records recently proliferating complaints to deliver items by the Czech Post. People most often addresses the situation where after receiving a text message that the package will be delivered to the hand following day, at home, waiting in vain, while the shipment is in the mail. An exception are not even cases where the Czech Post does not comply with the guaranteed delivery date package in your hand. "We recommend consumers to defend themselves in the form of complaints and grievances. The only way to achieve the commitments Czech Post and improve its services, "said Luke Green, head of the legal department dtest.

Compared to the post office service packs can be, if service package to hand to assume that it delivers directly Czech Post to the address or at least they try. Only if the postman does not reach the addressee, leaving him in a mailbox notification of the shipment at the post office. "If you call it engages in the box, even though you were all the time on the address, you can file a complaint with the appropriate post a defective delivery. You can also call to request a re-delivery another good day, and it's completely free. Going to do this repeatedly, and at the same time give impetus to the Czech Telecommunication Office for the inspection, "recommends Luke Green.

Czech post explicitly guarantees the delivery of a package to hand the next business day after filing. Few people know that the postal conditions for meeting this deadline it is sufficient if the addressee of the day are asked to take the appropriate letter at the post office, or just that the shipment will be ready for pickup. However, this is only "in the event that, despite all the efforts of delivering a package delivery attempt was unsuccessful," as stated on the website I here is therefore important to the complaint. Advertise on any post office and do not leave without confirmation, which should include a summary of the complaint and the date of application. Czech Post is obliged to settle the claim within 30 days of its receipt. If within this period the claim does not respond or it fails, within one month to object to the CTO. Initiation of an objection, however, is accompanied by the fee.

Against rejected the claim is also possible to defend using the procedures Czech Post. "Czech post office refused to deal with their complaints submitted through alternative dispute resolution VašeStíž because it has its own system for handling complaints which it deems sufficient. So if you are not satisfied with the provision of postal services, except do not forget to bring a claim and complaint. You can complain by phone or e-mail, "says Luke Green.

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