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Insurance against the elements? Current mainly in August

Thunderstorms, torrential rain, hail. It was in August of itself give these weather may know the most. And so every year the insurance company reports increased interest in insurance against natural disasters.

Although insurance against natural disasters account for about a quarter of the number of property damage, the amount paid in these cases is highest. Candidates must, however, more than other types of insurance in advance carefully consider the basic parameters of the contract.

Interest is growing after an emergency

Clients who want to protect against the elements, increasing especially during the holidays and winter. Can insure its property and equipment. The protection of the car, such as the consequences of hail, then solves accident insurance, in exceptional cases, and liability insurance. "Demand always increases after a major natural calamity. Then again subside. The fact is that the regular, almost annual calamities property owners more interested in the range of natural hazards and limits of performance, "said spokeswoman Dagmar Koutská insurance company Allianz. She added that while earlier people protect themselves against thieves household especially in recent years, prevails insurance against the elements.

New, or time value?

The key question in insurance against the elements is whether to insure a new or time value. "New value means that you get so much money, so you can take appropriate assets at current prices. Time value will provide an amount that takes into account the age and wear of the property, and the client paid the money hardly takes adequate compensation, "said an analyst at a financial consulting company DataLife Tomáš Hriadel.

Watch out for exclusions

The price of insurance depends on the insurance limits on whether you choose new or time value, and also on how many and what against the elements to insure. Insurance companies in pricing insurance zohledují peace and security of property and especially the place where the property is worth. "This is particularly important for insurance against flooding or flooding. Prices then vary by tens of crowns a month, but due to the client to save hundreds of thousands, "said Thomas Hriadel. Those interested in insurance also advised to familiarize themselves with exclusions and definitions of terms in insurance. "They set such as wind speed, which is needed to prove to the insurance company to be reimbursed roof storm damage," he added.

Underinsurance and overpaying

Insurance is necessary to regularly update. It should take account of developments in house prices and changing household. "Once the value of the property increases by more than a tenth, such as the reconstruction or purchase new equipment should renew the contract," recommended Dagmar Koutská. Underinsurance plays an important role in the payment. For example, if a household worth million insured 100,000 and will be there for the insured event 100000, the client receives only a tenth of this amount, ie 10 thousand. "The opposite problem than car owners tend to underinsurance. The car is losing value over time, so those who contract not update unnecessarily overpay, "said Thomas Hriadel.

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