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Quartet inspire - at the Palace YMCA across generations

Quartet inspire - at the Palace YMCA across generations Fauna, flora, history, cars, planes and fairy tales. Can you find all the favorite card games Quartet, whose exhibition starts on 28 August at the ground floor of the Palace YMCA in Prague, Na Poříčí 12th

The exhibition represents two hundred of the most interesting quartet of domestic and European productions, some of which are more than a hundred years old, holds Collectors Club playing cards called "Quartet inspire - a card game of our fathers and children." The exhibition runs until 15 October, with the possibility of extension, which is open daily 8 to 22 pm, admission free.

According to the chairman Collectors Club playing cards Petra White is one of the most interesting exhibits of the exhibition "patriotic čtverhora" - as said earlier quartets - with a lovely depiction of the national revivalists. "To rarities but also includes card written in black letters, cards made ​​by lithography technique or even a beautiful collection of quartet period of socialism issued by commercial printers Cologne: the forms by the way how the world leaders in visual processing, and in terms of the accompanying texts, "says Peter White. He began collecting cards as eighteen and now owns one of the largest collections of playing cards and unloading in Europe.

A game where the quartet actually come from? "Quartet appeared in the 18th century, first as an educational tool, which was for players to develop the art of logic and combinatorics. Originally played only in better families, aristocratic and bourgeois, "says Peter White. Mass entertainment all walks of life, the quartet became only the second half of the 19th century and a favorite family pastime is maintained to this day.

The first ever comprehensive exhibition, but the quartet enjoyed until now - an exhibition at the Palace YMCA introduce the game to the public in such a breadth first time.

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