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Sleep helps to clear the skin from psoriasis

Sleep. The brain induced condition where the body can regenerate and zrestituovat forces. It is still under examination in sleep laboratories, there are medications which can help him induce disorders. What role sleep plays in the life of psoriasis?

Generally, insomnia, as well as back pain , one of the most common complaints in the doctor's office. Once a person has trouble sleeping for a long time, it usually affects the overall fitness. The quality of rest affects both mental and various illnesses and vice versa. Scientists have proclaimed the research of the relationship of sleep and psoriasis.

Recently there have been several studies whose results are clear: people with psoriasis reported a greater number of sleep problems than the corresponding healthy population. This can lead to a vicious circle: injury and itching leads to poor quality of rest that in turn causes fatigue, leading to the deterioration of pain and itching and it can then sleep more znekvalitnit. Lack of sleep can also trigger psoriasis, it can be considered as a stress factor. Patients with psoriasis are recorded at a higher rate and other symptoms of poor sleep , such as:
difficulty falling asleep,
problem endure sleep through the night,
daytime fatigue,
restless legs syndrome,
sleep apnea.

Night vigil psoriasis worsens

In animal models it has been demonstrated in recent studies that insufficient sleep increases blood some proinflammatory substances which are responsible for the deterioration of this chronic skin disease. Follow the rules of sleep hygiene, sleeping pills take only when necessary and only on a temporary basis. If you can not win over insomnia, consult your physician status.

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