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Czechs live in an unhealthy indoor environment. Little is ventilated.

Czechs live in an unhealthy indoor environment. Little is ventilated. As inconvenient could be called the state of the internal environment not only in public buildings such as schools or offices, but also in a number of Czech households. Even common household exchanged houses with windows and facade insulation is often faced with a high concentration of carbon dioxide in the interior.

The houses are well insulated too much drowning. According to experts, while a healthy internal environment of a house just a few.

Invisible problem - carbon dioxide

Building insulation and window replacement, while helping to save energy and thus money for heating, thus modernized house is far better sealed. Because the interior more quickly rising concentration of carbon dioxide and need more ventilation, otherwise residents suffer from increased fatigue and headaches. This problem, which is recently engaged and Czech media, is yet far beyond the schools and other public buildings, but also thousands of insulated panel and brick houses. Yet simple solution is often ventilate. And not only in summer but all year round.
"Frequent but short and intense ventilation, usually has no negative impact on energy consumption for heating. Walls remain of the house is warm and the air in the room again quickly warmed to normal temperature," he said on ventilation and heating Karel Vlach, CEO of ENBRA, inter alia, engaged in the sale and installation of heating equipment.

Underrated technology - active ventilation with heat recovery

Radical, but really effective solution to the problems with high concentrations of CO2 in the interior insulated home is to install an active ventilation system with heat recovery. He cares not only about the pleasant climate in homes, but also helps to save heating costs of the house. Can because a large portion of thermal energy from the stale air used to heat the fresh air which is supplied from the outside to the interior. Homeowners and housing associations, however, to install an active ventilation with heat recovery to forget. According to consulting company Ekowatt the same time the cost of the ventilation system are around 50 000 CZK for one average (65 m2) residential unit.

The flats are often unnecessarily přetápíme

Many households mainly in autumn and winter unnecessarily overheat, which is also a negative impact on the internal environment of houses and flats. Too high a temperature is reduced humidity and then the too dries the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract. Far healthier and more economical strategy is to reduce the temperature of the rooms and possibly better dress. "By reducing the room temperature by one degree can save about 6% of the energy needed for its heating. Optimum is considered as the living rooms of 20-21 ° C in the bedroom then 18 ° C or less. Part of the heating in the house should be quality control and adjustable to the daily course of temperature in the interior, "says Karel Vlach issue of overheating.

After building insulation should follow compen- sating heating system

With excessive heating also closely related to the lack of attention paid by the owners or managers of apartment buildings devoted to editing the heating system newly insulated home. This often leads to overheating, because the heating system is set to a completely different thermo-physical characteristics of the house. "After insulation and window replacement is usually necessary to make appropriate control and hydronic balancing of the entire heating system. This action will ensure that all elements of the system - radiators - worked under the same conditions and they can be well controlled, "describes the need for post-heating in insulated houses Karel Vlach. Only a well-adjusted heating in the house implies considerable energy savings and a healthier indoor environment in the interior.

Source: tz Lesenský.cz

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