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Game of Švandovo theater conquers New York

Game of Švandovo theater conquers New York The intimate drama The Good and the True tale of suspense the fate of Czech actress Hana Pravdova and Olomouc Milos Good athlete who managed to escape from the hell of the concentration camps, says now until September 14 prestigious off-Broadway scene DR2.

The performance presented by English-speaking actors Isobel Pravda and Saul Reichlin has in New York's success: performance staged eight times a week are full and end up standing applause from the audience.

Game authors Czech Lucie Kolouchová, Tomas Hrbek and Daniel Hrbek, who also directed the production, he picked up the first review. You are visiting the title of Švandovo theater express recognition, respect and unfeigned enthusiasm.

A series of good comments on the game The Good and the True rave reviews started in one of the most popular servers theatremania, who described the performance as "trimf". The production also worked with the magazine New Yorker and otherwise rather strict in the New York Times highlighted the stories of the two protagonists' wealth of unique and impressive detail "- generally appreciative analysis is then on the website of the journal became the most widely read reviews of the week." Yeah, that about us expressed interest leaves as New York Times or the New Yorker, is the fate of the production is extremely important. The competition here is very sharp, big names that play on almost every corner, and each flattering mention is therefore extremely appreciated, "says director and co-author Daniel Hrbek games.

New York as a gateway to the world

Just good reviews in major media in New York can attract audience to theaters. A successful game opened the door for another invitation. The theater now to Švandovo actually come. Already in June 2015, the game The Good and the True ocean looks again - by putting the interest of the world's largest festival of Jewish theater. "After returning from New York to Prague we will discuss cooperation Švandovo theater with Ernst Deustch Theater in Hamburg, the plan is a joint project with the Israeli theater. A signed with several American producers who would like The Good and the True played on other locations in the United States, "stated the looming possibility of Daniel Hrbek

The production of The Good and the True should play in the Czech Republic: meeting now leads by putting the East Potstejn, where Hana Pravdová during the occupation resorted to her first husband Sasha - young Jewish couple have vainly hoped to survive the hardships of war. Czech version of the game called SOA Susan Onufrákovou and Miroslav Hrušková also still remains in the repertoire of the theater Švandovo: in the new season 2014-2015 will be the first time the program had on September 25.

Did you know ...

The interest in the game contributes to the tense international situation: playing The Good and the True, written by his real-life story is told on more current topics such as war, racism, extermination of an entire nation and how defenseless individual can escape almost certain death. " A lot of people come to us from the Brooklyn Jewish community whose parents or grandparents had more personal experience of the Holocaust. They react very strongly and remain in the theater after the performance to work with us to discuss. Sensitive to all manifestations of anti-Semitism in Europe and the situation in the Czech Republic have a good overview - they need to be noticed that Prague is the new chief rabbi, "says Daniel Hrbek. Now generation grandchildren of those who survived the Holocaust and between whose descendants include the director himself Hrbek, the fate of their ancestors vividly interested and want to report them. First Republic Actress Han Pravdova plays her real granddaughter, British actress Isobel Pravda. Introducing the DR 2 Theatre also visited the grandson of Milos Good athletes, current President of the Federation of Jewish Communities Peter Parrot.

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