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Do not forfeit your credit!

Do not forfeit your credit! dTest examine the terms and conditions of prepaid mobile services and 30 common virtual operators and found significant differences among them. Some credit shall not be forfeited upon termination of the contract and even get your money back.

The prepaid card allows easy control over spending for the phone until the credit bold forfeited. The validity of a recharge is limited and most often ends after half a year. "Some operators will reduce services after only three months, which sometimes depends on the recharged amount," says Miloš gin, legal adviser dtest. He adds: "With the new virtual operators here but there is competition, and so we find in the menus and unlimited force credit. However, it may be subject to such regular monthly fees. "

Freezing credit does not necessarily mean loss of money and a phone number. Most operators charge for the activation of the initial credit, and so much is lost. But, if the number of long-term inactive (activity and, of course, thinks paying), the operators according to their conditions, the right to cancel the number. And it most often without any compensation for unused credit. "Blocking the card and cancel the contract again frequently occurs six months to a year since the last charge. Sometimes, but it's faster, and it may happen that a month after the expiration of the credit also lose his number, "says Juniper recommends:" Who proclaim cell phone has a little more for sure if something happened, it should not be at the operator's choice focus only on the price per minute. As a result, because of the money could come because of regular falling of credit. "

A similar situation may occur when changing operator. If you have a high credit balance, most operators as it does at the end of the contract and refund any remaining money to leave. "Somewhere about your neprovolané money you can ask for a fee of CZK 50-120 will return what does not belong to them, actually," says Juniper. The deadline for submission of applications is usually not longer than one month after the termination of the contract and this service offers less than a third of operators with prepaid cards.

dTest conditions compared with 30 conventional and virtual operators and created an overview of how they are doing on the length of the credit, SIM card expires and if they offer refund neprovolaného credit. A detailed table is available for download on

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