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Basalt stone sea in the Elbe Sandstone became a nature reserve

Newly established nature reserve Bare Hill is located near the town of Clay in Decin, southwest of sandstone table mountain high Sněžník, on an area of ​​40 ha. Protects basalt ridge, in the Elbe Sandstone unique.

The basalt rock of volcanic origin comes from the Tertiary. Effects of harsh climate disintegrated and gave rise to a large stone scree fields and seas formed by boulders that here we can admire today, explains Jana Tutková of the Agency for Nature Conservation and Landscape. "Thanks čedičovému subsoil is growing around the stone seas wide range of deciduous trees. We are also planting more trees, which here include, but are there-represented or absent, such as silver fir, elm, lime and yew, "says Jana Tutková.

The actual rubble but they are very specific environment. As the name suggests, Bare Hill, a massive stone sea has never been covered by forest. I now have a population of many species of invertebrates reminiscent of the time when that ruled much harsher climate. Among them are rare species of beetles, for example Leistus beetle Pterostichus montanus or negligens.

In the past, people used to a lesser extent for stone. Traces of these activities are still visible. In one of the former small quarries can be seen as columnar jointing in basalt columns form a perfectly developed that arose during solidification of magma.

Declared a nature reserve for public major does not limit applies rules are comparable to those common in the protected area.


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