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Tick-borne encephalitis: a quarter of cases comes from the Czech

Czech Republic holds several records in the major sports, science and culture. Several of them would not even found in the human health care. An unfortunate example might be a record we have achieved over the last 40 years. A quarter of cases of tick-borne encephalitis in Europe is come from our country.

First in Europe

Czech Republic is already 40 years the largest number of cases of tick-borne encephalitis. Of the total number of diseases in Europe experienced doctors with us a quarter of cases. Klíšťovka is so little "our" infection.'s Original Czech territory from which the virus gradually spread throughout Europe.

At present, the high incidence of disease also in Slovenia, Germany, Russia and the Baltics. In the language of numbers in 2013 were 625 cases of tick-borne encephalitis per year. As of June 2014, has gained 51 new cases. In the modern history of the Czech Republic was a record year in 2006, when there were 1,029 cases klíšťovky.

Prevention is vaccination

In the near future, expect similar or even higher numbers of annual cases. It's the the fact that there are more ticks in areas closer to humans, such as in gardens, urban parks or chat areas.
Prevention is, in addition to vaccination, appropriate clothing and headgear, boots and socks stretched over the top of the pants. Before visiting nature is a necessity and use insect repellent return after a thorough examination of the body.
However, the only possible way to achieve a decrease in the number of illnesses per year is to increase vaccination rates inhabit our l. Vaccinations recommended by the European Commission and the World Health Organization.
Vaccine is highly effective in humans of all ages,
while side effects are minimal. Despite safety of the vaccine is received only around 20% of the Czech population.
Example we could take from our southern neighbors. In Austria, most of the vaccinated population in Europe - the whole 88%! Most likely contributed to this awareness campaign in schools. Thanks to vaccination in the last ten years, managed to prevent more than 4,000 cases of illness and more than 30 deaths.
To prevent the need to think of traveling abroad.
Austria, Slovakia, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden and Romania reported new areas with high numbers of cases of disease.
Prevention is the Czech Republic is very neglected.
Doing so, the prevention of disease not only saves money, but also your body. Klíšťovka because the human body can cause damage that will require long-term rehabilitation.

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