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Also buying air?

Also buying air? The factories producing air, trucks can carry, vendors are placed on shelves in stores and customers can buy it involuntarily. Is not it? But yes - along with the products sold in excess packaging. Unreasonably large containers unnecessarily pollute the environment and confuse customers.

Boxes, bags and boxes into which to fit sometimes half, sometimes even sold several times more content. With excessive packaging on store shelves met about every, often unpleasant surprise waiting for us at home after opening up a tempting package.

"From the perspective of manufacturers and suppliers of reason is obvious: the larger container is noticeable on the shelves, there is more space for business communication and especially give the appearance that the consumers for their money taken away much more than it actually is. This applies to food, cosmetics and drugstore products, toys, food supplements and many other products, "said
Luke Green, head of the legal department dtest. Manufacturers also sometimes use one size packaging (such as dietary supplements) for products that may have different volume.

The issue of excessive packaging solves the Czech Republic Act no. 477/2001 Sb., On the packaging. This Act provides, inter alia, that the person marketing the container is required to ensure that the weight and volume of packaging to a minimum, and to reduce the amount of packaging waste. However, experience has often looks different.

"From a customer perspective it is a deception, which manufacturers under the Act shall not commit,"
said Luke Green. Excessive packaging are also an unnecessary environmental burden. At their production consumes large quantities of packaging materials and trucks transporting half-empty box.

dTest on your website runs a database of "Air" product, which is intended to refer to these practices and to help consumers better market orientation. Find it at The database contains only those products whose packaging is unreasonably excessive and is not such as to protect the goods or consumer. If you encounter a case where a small amount of product crouching on the bottom of the box or bag surrounded by a large mass of the package, you can insert a photo of the product directly into the database. "Pressure from customers may force manufacturers and sellers to change their practices and products offered in the corresponding packaging, "says Luke Green.

Some "Air Products" in our photo gallery.

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