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V + W Revue and Veterans Theaters ABC and Rococo tested two Czech premiere

V + W Revue and Veterans Theaters ABC and Rococo tested two Czech premiere In theaters ABC and Rococo from the end of August preparing new productions will be presented in both Czech premiere. Creative teams began testing unconventionally ..

The first season premiere Municipal Theatres will play Mark Epstein Spare directed by Pavel Khek, and November 8 at Rococo Theatre. Divadlo ABC shall Nov. 15 authorial project Petra Svojtka and Janků George V + W Revue.

Drama Spare subtitled March or die from the pen of the famous screenwriter Mark Epstein (Václav in the shade, lens, etc..) Zrežíruje for Rococo Theatre Pavel Khek. The main role is played by veteran Martin Tomáš Novotný. Martin returns home after many years of service in the Foreign Legion, where not leave voluntarily. His whole life was an escape from guilt, he committed even. Now he decides to stand up to her face and redeem her love ...

Ever since first reading tests, it is clear that Tomas Novotny waits consuming preparation and hard training. The production is in addition to a large amount of text will have to master the combat and action scenes, where they will participate in a professional kickboxer. Audience by director Pavel Khek can look forward to an exciting and uncompromising drama, a modern variant of crime and punishment set in contemporary Czech news.

On one of the first tests came to see former legionnaire Stanislav Gazdík that the actors share their unique experience of more than 15 years of service. The actors met with playwright Mark Epstein, who told where he drew inspiration for writing the game: "The inspiration I had just two. One was my favorite book by Jack London Martin Eden and the other was my classmate from high school who had fled after the incident retail in the Foreign Legion. The fates of both narratives are intertwined in my head and morphed into one. "

A week later, on November 15, in the theater take place premiere of ABC Music V + W Revue, which will commemorate the glorious era of the Liberated Theatre. The production of prepared Svojtka and George Petr Janků, songs Jaroslav Jezek orchestrated Jiří Janouch. "In 2015 will be 110 years since the birth of two great icons of Czech theater Jana Wericha and George Voskovce. Their happiest and most creative periods spent here in the theater of the palace at Smith. Making V + W and Jaroslav Jezek we will impulse to play, play with their comedy characters, their humor, their songs, what here during those ten years experienced. Because just play and playfulness would like to pay tribute to them. As the name suggests, we use a form of theater, which was a pair of their own, thus revue: band, which includes a variety of sketches, songs and dance. This example allows us to take advantage of their biggest musical hits. We will try to interpret is a little unexpectedly, then again - play with them, "says director Peter Svojtka.

Marek Epstein

Director: Pavel Khek
Starring: Tomáš Novotný, Masha Málková, Jan Vlasak, Dana Batulková, Evellyn Pacoláková, Lukáš Jurek, Ulrich Vízner, Milan Kačmarčík, Michal Balcar, Petr Klimes, Veronika Koudelková.
Premiere 8 11 2014 2 10 11 2014 premiere at Rococo Theatre

Petr Svojtka, Jiří Janků
V + W Revue

Director: Petr Svojtka
Starring: Hanus Bor, Vasil Fridrich, Pavel Jurica, Zbigniew Kalina, Radim Kalvoda, Roman Říčař, Veronika Gajerová, Barbora Janatková, Veronika Janků, Lucie Pernetová, veronka Svojtková.
Premiere 15th 11th 2014 ABC Theatre

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