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Sono Centre - the first Season

Brno club Sono Center enters his first club season and it offers a rich autumnal range of concerts and events.

Brno garnered in the spring of 2014 new original music hall, which has become the latest club space in the country. The new building provides a fresh and modern design, inside extra comfort and extra equipment. The hall has three floors with two large balconies and four bars, a generous platform for even the largest groups and orchestras, dance floor, air conditioning and more functional than spacious enough and properly equipped facilities. In all this, however, retains the size of the club, so exclusive proximity performers is guaranteed.

During the autumn in new multi-genre club will introduce the stars from abroad (Ian Paice /7.10./, King's Singer /5.10./, Kronos Quartet /22.11./, Take 6 /30.11./, Gary Edwards /25.10./ etc. .), as well as established names domestic music scene (Lenka Dusilová /8.10./, clear Lever /15.10./, Markéta Irglová /8.11./, Lenka Filipová /9.11./, Vlasta Rédl /18.11./, Dan Barta /3.12 ./ Hradišťan /21.12./ etc..).

Sono Center will offer concerts and genre, so you will not miss even hip hop (Ektor /26.9./, WWW + Vladimír 518 /2.10./, Prago Union /24.10./) or "large" big-band concerts (Melody Makers / 17.10 /, B-Side Band /3.11./). Of course space gets even "home" brněnská music scene (Tomáš Kočko /8.10./, Flowers /12.11./, Lidopop, Roman Dragoon /24.9./), as well as representatives of the genre alternatives (Mucha, Čoko Voko /19.11./ etc. .) and jazz (Rudy Linka /31.10./). A separate chapter is always a troublesome concerts Punch dogs /11.10./. These are the first and definitely not the last swallows program music club Sono Center.

September is in terms of club gigs still just warm-up, and so the first half of the month devoted mainly dance events and parties. A series of concerts in Sono Center begins in the second half of September and the beginning of fall on ensemble Ukulele Orchestra of Brno Brno as in Wednesday, 9.17 20:00. Music club, based in Brno in the street Veveří 113, from the beginning based on the excellent audio quality service and comprehensive range of services.

Autumn is the season of music and Sono Center offers the opportunity to spend it on a number of events and concerts in the smoke-free environment, high standard of the club.

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