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Healing: may i help kill

The tumor does not cure, sorry. Communication bleak diagnosis is a critical moment - and this time he comes often to the word healing. Alternative medicine does not know the word impossible and often offers cure even the worst diseases. In the finals, however, may do more harm than good.

Scammers are always trying to enrich at the expense of others. Recently, inventing ever more sophisticated ways. Often a man trying to convince them that it is their treatment is the only one that can cure the disease. Targets are vulnerable groups such as people with cancer, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer's disease or diabetes . Alternative methods may be useful as a supplement to basic treatment, but If someone offers you a quick and painless resolution of severe illness, something goes wrong.

Them to better sit down!

Scammers of false promises convict following features:
Big promises. Classifieds can label a product as a miracle cure or revolutionary discovery. If that really were the case, its effects would be known even in medical circles wide and your doctor should give you this option certainly hid.
Medical jargon. Terms as purification, detoxification and encouragement while sounds very impressive, but often obscure the serious lack of information about the effects of drugs on the human body.
Panacea. Surely you ever heard of products that treat all diseases from fever kicked over an inch to lung cancer. Unfortunately, at present, such a "miracle" does not exist.
Citations feedback.
Anonymous stories of individuals perform online forums and praise the product. Suspects are mainly those reactions, among which there is not one negative - with each treatment did find a few people that the product is suitable.

Hope dies last

Alternative methods may be on the other side also be very beneficial.
Many drugs based on natural basis, thereby enriching the body of important nutrients, minerals and vitamins.
In the case of malignant tumors, alternative methods also bring hope. It is scientifically proven that a positive approach to treatment is statistically better outcomes in therapy and also final longer survival time of the patient. Probably for this will to some extent placebo effect.

In any case, it is necessary to seek reliable methods of their choice is always better to consult your doctor.
Miraculous and acclaimed method with a one hundred percent success in all conditions can result in fact inflict enormous damage.

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