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Blood plasma: give or not give?

You dreamed that you become a superhero, who will defeat the bad guys and save human lives? Today, nothing is impossible. Admired Rakem can happen even without superhuman powers - just contribute by simply donating blood plasma.

It is undoubtedly a worthy and socially recognized achievement. However, is not for everyone.

If you want to give blood plasma, you must pass through a stringent criteria. This ensures high safety and quality, obtained material. Donating plasma is underestimated by the public, especially when compared with whole blood donation. But this is a fundamental mistake. Blood plasma contains substances essential for maintaining immunity and blood clotting. It is widely used in the treatment of burns, blood clotting disorders, liver disease or kidney disease and in many other serious conditions.

Who can be a "hero"

Can donate plasma in Czech Republic every person aged 18-65 years, and as new donors to accept persons under 60 years of age.

It may not be a citizen of our country, but there should be at least long-term residence and a valid health insurance.

Health fitness assess personnel in blood establishments according to an analysis of the history (medical history of the donor) and the basic physical and laboratory examinations.

The donor can not be, for example, a person who previously had infectious hepatitis type B, C or HIV positive. After major surgery and visiting high-risk countries may donate plasma for several months.

In the case of less serious infectious and non-infectious diseases decisions about medical fitness experts in accordance with applicable health regulations. In most cases, the donation waiting until full cure of the disease.

One collection is usually 600-850 ml of plasma in dependence on the weight of the donor, the overall volume shall not exceed 25 liters per year.

The shortest interval between samples is 14 days. The action itself takes about 40 minutes.

Advantages and disadvantages

Donating plasma is a great opportunity to help someone. Maybe you just so someone will save lives and help cure the insidious disease. Surely, however, this substance will be used for a good cause to benefit others. For some people, this act prospect of easy earnings - is therefore not surprising that a large part of the donors are students of secondary schools and universities. Donation fact may be associated with a one-time reward of up to 400 crowns. But i can give plasma without the finance.

A possible disadvantage?
No doubt they are fixed criteria for donor selection. Strict rules ensure high safety and their networks will not release many candidates.
Common donating blood plasma can be physically exhausting. Therefore, it is important to save after each sampling and drink plenty of fluids.

Today's times call for desperate heroism. Z interpersonal relationships are slowly but surely disappearing solidarity and willingness to help others. Whether you are a student or working, donating plasma can this situation at least partially correct. Benefits donation is clearly outweigh the potential risks.

Source: U lékař

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