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Fotopast captured unique: The first wolf pups after a hundred years with us

Indications that the PLA Kokorinsko occur wolves came. In the spring of this year because the PLA personnel installed several fotopastí. And you have issued something absolutely sensational: the first images of wolf puppies. This is the first documented proliferation of wolves with us for a hundred years.

"In March, our fotopast wolf caught near the pond Břehyně," says Ladislav Pořízek of the Agency for Nature Conservation and Landscape, head of the PLA Kokorinsko - Macha. The administrative fotopasti then installed in a wider area. In July, government workers have found traces corresponding to an adult wolf and vlčatům. "And at the end of July, one fotopast captured cub or cubs and their parents. Pictured is always only one cub. But in the second half of August one of the foresters observed in other parts of Doksy wolf with a few cubs. The images are clear evidence of breeding wolves in this area. "

"It is almost symbolic that breeding wolves were able to confirm when the territory in which they move came after years of negotiations, part of the protected area. In Macha region are places that have far from Czech primordial wilderness - fens and bogs and waterlogged forests. This can be seen even so, conservationists and wolves agreed that, where nature is really interesting, "said
František Pelc, director of the Agency for Nature Conservation and Landscape.

Wolves in such landscapes include and play an important role. They are excellent hunters and can help control the overpopulation of wild pigs, deer and roe deer that excessive tail destroys young trees in the forest. For any damages caused by wolves on domestic animals, landlords are legally entitled to financial compensation.

Wolves were in our late 19th century expended. In recent years, begin gradually as well as to other countries in return. Czech Republic has two basic sources for the renewal of occurrence: Slovak and German-Polish population. In the protected area Beskydy wolves coming from Slovakia - in the last few years, but rather sporadically, mainly due to poachers and migration barriers, such as large road. To the north of Bohemia wolves could come from the Lausitz region.

In Europe, most wolves live in the Iberian Peninsula (around 2000), Italy (around 800), the Carpathian mountains or the Balkans (the CCCA 5000). Elsewhere, such as in Scandinavia, France and Germany, they survive only hundreds.


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