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Wine autumn of Lower Austria

The best season to enjoy life and it's Fifth wine autumn of Lower Austria. The whole country comes alive with centuries-old culture of wine with old habits and glamorous festivities.

Fresh and moist air in the morning, which at noon heats still warm rays of the sun, crackling leaves underfoot and the heavy scent of pressed grapes and overripe apples: sight, smell and emotion know when in Lower Austria peacefully settled autumn. No peace but rather waiting winemaker in the yellow-colored vineyards and wine cellars lit up late into the night dominates the traffic.

Holidays with Wine

Successful wine and successful holiday have much in common: both need a good climate, tranquility and lots of time. Why not treat yourself to a holiday where they grow wine? For many hedonists wine is not only the fall of Lower Austria vinofilních series of hilarious events, but also the most beautiful season for exploring the landscape shrouded rays of the autumn sun, for the first tasting of barrel or even the knowledge of his personal favorite wine.


Variety wine region is characterized by large amounts of wine autumn festivities. The Danube is celebrated within the harvest festival of wine and baptisms. In areas which are characterized cellar lanes (ie Weinviertel, Kremstal, and Wagram Kamptal) during the autumn wine festivals take place naturally large cellar streets. One of these "K & K Weinherbst-Fest" in Jedenspeigen was chosen TOP Wine Festival 2014.

Facts about wine autumn

For 19 years, the winery celebrates autumn swirl of events, which is engaged in the increasingly popular vintage wine culture and wine and which are an attraction for tourists. Wine autumn of Lower Austria started in 1996, when there were approximately 200 festivities. Now it's 100 wine villages of more than 800 events, which is from mid-August to the end of November through the middle of all the action wine - this wine is autumn in Lower Austria's largest wine-growing number of tourist events in Europe.

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