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Four tips on how to measure water consumption

Four tips on how to measure water consumption Homeowners and housing associations are often faced with the attempts of illegal interventions in water meters in order to influence water consumption. Cybercriminals is noticeably easier life obsolete or poor-quality water meters. In cooperation with experts, we have prepared some tips on how to prevent illegal tampering with water meters and also refine the allocation of water consumption in the house.

Invest in improved water meters

Water is an increasingly expensive commodity, its price has increased over the last 25 years more than a hundred times. Many water meters have been installed at the time for them or did not require great accuracy, and the current requirements for quality measurement therefore no longer meet. Such meters are also the most easily influenced by whether a strong magnet, or physical intervention from outside. The solution is the installation of new measuring devices. "Modern water meters measure consumption more precisely, even at very low flow and their measurement can not be so easily influenced from the outside," says Karel Hajman of ENBRA company that specializes in the problems of measuring instruments for measuring heat consumption, and remote reading of water consumption. "What is also important to many homeowners, the meter is more accurate price from the current measuring device is too different," he added Hajman.

Use the gauge from trusted manufacturers

On the Czech market will find a large number of devices to measure water consumption. Not every water meter is yet quality and precision. The main selection criterion should therefore not be price, but the technical parameters of the meter. "In general we can say that regardless of the type of construction, there is no water meter, which would be impossible to illegally influence. Quality equipment and correct installation but can significantly make life harder for fraudsters. When choosing a water meter is good to prefer a reputable supplier, the meter should be antimagnetic and must have a current European homologation, "said Karel Hajman.

Do not trust blindly traders focus on standards and certification

Many contractors on its website offers a variety of water meters, which they say can not be affected. Rather than various unverified claims traders have a much more meaningful information on what standards the measuring device meets. Meter quality should conform to EN 14154, which, among other essential criteria also specifies the protection against external magnetic gauge field. The supplier should also demonstrate that the meter has undergone tests in an authorized metrological centers and meets the demanding requirements of today both in terms of measurement accuracy, as well as the resistance against illegal influence. Use only well water meters that are relevant European type approval.

Prevent fraud can also remote water meter reading

The current trend is remote reading of water consumption. In this case, it is in the collection of the measured values ​​requires a personal visit individual apartments, because data collection is carried out remotely pochůzkovým way or from a passing car around the house. Remote reading of measured values ​​not only cheaper and more accurate billing, but can also prevent fraud. Smart water meters with radio communication module operators themselves because they can actively attempt to draw attention to the illegal intervention. Not all water meters but offers this function.

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