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Damn lost?

Nečipovat chip or dogs? The affirmative answer definitely the one to whom the dog has ever lost. Electronically indicate dogs is not mandatory only if required to issue a passport when traveling in the EU, but also it is also necessary when traveling outside.

Such a microchip must comply with ISO standards 11784 and 11785; sign tattoo There is still recognized, but only if it is clearly legible and has been shown to be done before 3 July 2011.

Many municipalities to contribute owners designation for their dogs or even the entire amount of a few hundred crowns fully paid. He knows that it pays off. Certainly, it is important that evidence is then easier, and even fee collection, but it is important to determine the owners of dogs found a stray or lost.

According to Clara Carbové, President of the civic association Dog Detective, most dogs will lose after New Year's Eve celebrations and then in May and September, when the peak rut females. It is also timely given the upcoming weeks, when the people had their dogs and guard dogs more. Last week recorded an increase in cases of lost dogs by 20%. This stems from the findings of this organization, which focuses on finding lost dogs and cats.

Canine detective is doing to undo the owners of about 80% of lost dogs, among other things, to send bulk sms around the area where the animal was lost, posters with photos and a database of contacts in each district - private veterinarians, pet stores, hunters, canine associations, municipalities, State Veterinary Administration. Further options are also working with shelters.

Electronic identification of dogs from this perspective and sense effect. On various occasions the State Veterinary Administration warns and encourages dogs and cats očipovat even in cases where the owners of the dogs do not travel anywhere.

Source: SVS tz
Tz Author: Josef in April, printing. spokesman SVS

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