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Snacks that kids enjoy and enrich the

Is not diskutovanějšího topic before boarding children who carry their habits into adulthood. It is important that children have created to eat "healthy" relationship. It is therefore a good idea to involve themselves in preparing meals.

What all should contain a balanced diet of our youngest? It is essential to ensure an adequate supply of nutrition, vitamins and minerals.
"In childhood and adolescence is particularly important enough calcium because the bone reaches its maximum (both volume and quality) of about 20 years of life. What, then, until "pile up", when old find. Regular consumption of milk and dairy products in childhood and adolescence helps meet the nutritional requirements for age and generally improves the quality and variety of food, "mentions Dr.. Carolina Heads, Ph.D., an expert of the project plus White.

The recommended daily calcium intake for children (according to the Society for Nutrition)
preschoolers - 900 mg
Children 7-10 years - 1000 mg
children 11-14 years old boys - 1100mg
children 11-14 years old girls - 1,100 mg

That the child ate food with flavor, it's best to get involved in the preparation of various snacks. An ideal opportunity is to prepare dairy snacks, whose range is very varied.
"The children have the choice fruit garnish. Older children can take a blender or whisk. Prepared meals is well worthy of serving, giving them a touch of festiveness to look like "a candy store." Neopomíjejte or nice dining, "says an expert.
If the child is allergic to milk protein, you need all dairy products from your diet to exclude, including butter. To complement protein and calcium is necessary to seek other sources (soy, nut or cereal beverages), often enough to put fish, lean meat, legumes.
"Children are lactose intolerant can safely administered lactose-free dairy products or hard cheeses. It always depends on the degree of intolerance. Some well-tolerated sour milk products or cheese, others tolerate lactose even in medicine. To alleviate problems after drinking milk can use lactase pills. "

Tips for dairy snacks

1) Milkshakes
- We can use milk, sour milk, cottage cheese, yogurt and fruit, of course, Pr. Milk with banana / raspberry / strawberry / pineapple
- Variation is the addition of yoghurt to increase the protein content tablespoons of cottage cheese
- The basis for the shakes can be fruit, dairy product is added in the form of a small amount of cottage cheese or yogurt (eg. ½ banana, ½ peeled mango, water, 2 tablespoons of plain yogurt, a teaspoon of dried sprouts)
- To increase the nutritional value of drinks can add grated nuts, seeds, grated chocolate
2) dairy desserts

- Basis can be cottage cheese with ricotta, on top of hot fruit (eg. 1 curd, 1 ricotta, vanilla sugar, rozšlehat, hot blueberries on top with a little sugar)
- Fruit / fruit salad with sour cream / cream
- A combination of custard, cheese, cottage cheese with gelatin - this cartridge is ideal for light cakes, either biscuits or sponge dough
- Can be used even bolder products, for example. Mascarpone, cream cheese, Lucina.
3) curdy spreads in combination with the fruit or vegetables

- Variations are many, the spreads are well suited cream cheese, cottage cheese (eg. 1 cottage cheese, 2 tablespoons vegetable oil, 2 tablespoons of cottage cheese, boiled egg yolk, fish in its own juices. Toss Everything, add finely chopped onion, egg and cucumber. Season salt and lemon juice.)
4) cottage cheese cakes, pies
(eg. Rapid cheesecake: 2 semi curds 1 sour cream, ½ cup milk, 1 custard powder, vanilla sugar, 1/3 cup caster sugar 200g small fruits or berries. Žmolenku On: mug flour, max. ½ cup sugar, baking powder ¾, 120 g of butter. žmolenky half Pour into the pan, navrstvíme cheese mixture, pour the rest žmolenky. Bake at 175 ° C until the surface becomes pinkish cake.)
5) milk, cottage cheese or yogurt do not forget about the preparation of cereal porridge - just one tablespoon enrichment.

The Ten Commandments "healthy Zacek"

How would therefore seem nutrition of children and adolescents to full-fledged, well-balanced and have neither the above-mentioned risks? It is important to target the attention of not only the children but the whole family, because the family is the place where you create and strengthen the eating and exercise habits.

Let us first is that children have a varied diet.
Second Ensure sufficient intake of fruits and vegetables (a total of at least 5 servings, 3 servings of vegetables and 2 servings of fruit)
Third, ensure that children's diets were rich in cereals and products thereof.
4th Watch the amount of dietary fat, limit your intake of fatty meats and sausages.
The fifth child feeding should be enough milk and dairy products, selecting Prefer skimmed milk products, cheese 30% fat in dry matter, natural cheeses. The baby food should be enough quality protein. Good sources are lean meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, legumes.
Carefully sixth with salt; nedosolujte ready meals, do children salty snacks and instant foods.
7. Secure moderation in the consumption of sugar, sweets and sugary drinks.
8th Ensure sufficient fluid intake (at least 1.5 l / day)
9th allow children to overeat or starve, often Intend over their growth, height and weight.
10th Teach children a healthy lifestyle by example.

Author: Šárka Pelcová

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