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ABBAcz-hits revival reminds Swedish legend

Already on September 19 to all fans of the legendary Swedish group ABBA to enjoy the concert Czech ABBAcz tribute band, which will be held in the Municipal Library in Prague. Fans will also see time-proven favorite and legendary hits of ABBA, great show, elaborate choreography and original dance costumes.

During the course of the evening sounds of the band's greatest hits such as Dancing Gueen, Ring Ring, Gimme Gimme Gimme and Mamma Mia. 100% live playing without half of playback or backing vocals in the band is already commonplace. "Group prides itself on perfect execution of his famous music patterns and the perfect preparation for each part, sounds and arrangements, "said concert organizer Thomas Michal.

At the same time, this is also the first autumn concert band in Prague. It is such a unique opportunity to hear live greatest hits of ABBA. In the coming weeks, the band will head for example in the Moravian town and gradually also begin to prepare and international tour, which is scheduled for 2015 in January and February next year is going ABBAcz-revival tour of Holland and see her live with us no longer so easy.

The atmosphere of the concert will complete and beautiful environment representative of the Great Hall of the Municipal Library in Prague.

Recall that the band is composed of professional musicians who have completed hundreds of concerts at home and abroad. The band attracted not only a great show, but also a huge drive, choreography and overall movement on stage or communications with fans. A great performance by underlining are absolutely true and accurate filing suit hits this legend.

September 19 at the Municipal Library in Prague concert starts at 19:30
and if you are fans of the Swedish legend, you should not miss!

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