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The second peak season or in September is not yet won

Although some of us survived the summer holidays successfully without a single bite, we should not even in the autumn months prematurely lose vigilance. Who is not protected against klíšťovce vaccination should not forget insect repellent.

Ticks in the fall increasingly

According to the National Institute of Public Health in the incidence of tick-borne encephalitis (TBE) in the Czech Republic in recent years, there are some new trends. In addition, the ticks are increasingly moving into higher altitudes, their presence is also more common in marginal months of the warm season, ie autumn and spring. The reason for this is likely to change in climatic conditions, especially the increase in mean annual temperature. And while in the 80s of last century it was in the spring and autumn months recorded only about 14% of all cases to the Czech Republic in the years 2000-2009 were almost a quarter of all infections.

The incidence of ticks is also influenced by rainfall

If we look at the incidence of KE in the last few years, we find that the month in which it is regularly reported the most cases of the disease is July. Conversely August, in contrast to popular opinion, the risk usually is not primarily due to high temperatures and relatively dry weather that this month there often. Ticks can not only reasonable temperatures in particular need adequate moisture and prolonged drought do not suggest them at all.

When growing mushrooms is much ticks

According to experts, it is possible to expect increased activity of ticks in the autumn months, especially when it is late August and early September rainy. In this case, the forests and grasslands begin crawling ticks, which fall victim to many a careless picker. If you want even in the warm and rainy autumn issue into the woods without fear, let the season finale vaccinated against TBE. If you use an accelerated vaccination schedule, get sufficient immunity within two weeks after the second vaccine dose.

Source: Tick-borne

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