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Vulture chicks flew out of the nest

With the beginning of the school year did not commence teaching only children, but also young in the Prague zoo. Specifically, carrion vultures, which reared as triplets Prague zoo for the first time ever!

Chicks vultures necrophagous left after less than three months nest in the aviary large predators and begin to learn taking off, engagement and other aerobatics.

Visitors so they can see not only during training flight skills, but also in interactions with parents and representatives of other bird species that inhabit the aviary - vultures, brown and red kites.

Triplets most endangered European supa grew up under the adoptive parents. Chicks reared Prague experienced couple who own this year hatched chicks. Two small vultures come from the other parent pair from Prague, the third of Zlin zoo where young hatched in an incubator.

Similar cooperation between zoos in the context of a rescue program EEP is extremely important and because of it this year managed to breed a record seven pups this endangered predator in the country.

Source: tz Zoo Praha
Photo to tz: P. Hamerník and T. Adamec, Zoo Praha

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