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Public space, or gold mine?

"Discussion on the zoning plan all worked as a detonator. People generally does not care who you put them under the windows, and ask who made this possible ... "

What price a public space? Developer is a dirty word? What architecture, such a society? Who actually represent the Prague councilors?

These and other questions arise in the context of the new documentary directed by Benjamin Tucek plan. The film, shot five years, records changes yet current zoning of 1999 and peripeteia of the new plan. The plan shows the general features of Prague decay, corruption and chaos and asks for the existence of a vision for the development of the city.

Film Schedule, whose distribution will be accompanied by discussions with municipal politicians, professionals and citizens who are not indifferent to the fate of their city, they can see the audience in cinemas from September 25.

"Discussion on the zoning plan all worked as a detonator. People generally does not care who you put them under the windows, and ask who made ​​it possible. It seems that the developer is a dirty word, but it is also good to ask who determines the rules of the game developers. Many urban areas have experienced opposition abounds that perhaps in these elections about to take over the management of public affairs. Therefore, we planned premiere in Prague just before the municipal elections, "says director Benjamin Tucek. Tour debates and film screenings schedule will begin on September 15 in Prague cinema Aero will continue in the National Technical Library, Centre for Contemporary Art DOX and other places and will open to the public.

Filming screenwriter and director Tučka started already in 2009, the filmmakers took the fact that the concept of the new zoning plan that worked Prague Municipality headed by Pavel Bem since 2008, filed objections over 18,000 citizens. "That intrigued me. It is not customary to our demonstrated against the bill. 2010 elections changed the balance of power, Bémův plan ended up in the trash and ODS and TOP09 coalition led by former Mayor Bohuslav Svoboda began at the initiative of Thomas Hudečka, Mayor current work on the so-called. Metropolitan Plan of Prague. In a country where every election a new political class eager to leave their original track on the face of the city, the story seems to Plan de facto endless, "adds Tucek.

Documentary film The plan will also distribution in theaters can be streamed for free on the Internet. The filmmakers would like to present this document as an event of its kind demonstration of a way of thinking - not only about the form of planning, but mainly about life in him and will and ability to change things. They have that mindset is changing and they want to take advantage of all the opportunities that film broke all citizens who are interested in, and outside cinema halls and outside Prague.

The film was co-produced by Benjamin Tucek, a Czech company Negative television and the State Fund of cinema. Film distributor is a company Aerofilms.

The film shows: Pavel Bem, Adam Gebrian, Karel Randák, Tomáš Hudeček, Radim Passer, Jan Kasl, Kristof Kintera, Ondřej Kobza, Martin Kontra, Ludek Axe, Bohuslav Svoboda, Petr Kužvart, Roman Koucký, Vit Butter, Richard Biegl, Corrupt Tour and more.


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