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People in Need - Research: The world of today's high school students

Most Czech high school students think they can not affect the problems in the society. According to new survey results by People in Need, which took place in secondary schools in the Czech Republic.

Representative research found out life values ​​and attitudes of young people, their willingness to engage in public life, leisure time, perception of social problems, satisfaction with school or their relationship to the media.
The final report of this research provides a comparison of results with time series from 2009 and the 2012th

Opinions and attitudes of high school in many respects correspond with tendencies that manifest themselves throughout the company. Students are strongly influenced by the media and relatively easy to hear a seemingly simple solution and interpretation of ambiguous and complex problems. Feel that they can contribute to solving problems, is in high school students is limited. About 80% of them have long thought that local, national or global issues can affect their own initiative. The reason for the low civic engagement of young high school students are disgusted by politics and social events, general indifference too young generation and their problems, whether personal, family or financial, for which they have no civic activity time.

"If only a fifth of students believe that they can influence the solution of social problems, it means, among other things, that you do not learn the basic principles of representative democracy. Young people also say that the tuition of current social and political topics to learn at least: only 3% of them appointed by the school as the main source of information. These and other research results indicate a significant failure of the current civic education, the education of democratically minded, active and responsible citizens. The above figures but I must add that we cooperate with a number of schools for which this does not apply and meet the many young people who realize that they can change the world around them for the better and really we do. For example, the list of 140 projects nominated for the first time this year Award, Gratias Tibi ( is an enjoyable read. I believe that some of those behind them, in the future become respectable and competent policy. Ty Czech Republic needs, "says
Karel Strachota, Director of One World in Schools of People in Need. In doing so, the question of whether the students could imagine that in the future become a local, regional or national politician responded positively 14% of respondents.

"Generalization of politics as something rotten at all levels leads to lower engagement of young people, resulting in turn, contributes to the preservation personnel policy. However, the risk that young people who defy this trend, its activity changes the attitude of the majority of upcoming generations of high school students, "says Daniel Prokop, sociologist and analyst research firm Median, which survey in cooperation with People in Need realized.

Guided research results can be found on the website of the program One World in Schools .

Source: tz PIN

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