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Sharks in acidic seas lose their ability to sense prey

The ongoing acidification of the oceans will have a number of negative impacts. One very specific concerns of sharks and their ability to smell food. In acidic waters, these predators are losing their ability to sense prey.

Seawater, which is due to the absorption of atmospheric CO2 lowers pH, acts on the nervous system of many marine animals, particularly adversely affects olfactory receptors and the transmission of their signals to the brain. Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta examined the influence of increasing acidity on marine life shark Smoothhounds dog. It was shown that sharks loses its ability to sense food.

Smoothhounds dog is a species of shark living in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of North and South America. Scientists for its representative simulated in a special aquarium sea state, which, according to forecasts expected around 2100 A by observation, it is clear that the sharks will have a problem: his prey is feel it.

"The ability to find and catch sharks prey was significantly reduced,"
says Danielle Dixsonová from Georgia Institute of Technology. Sharks can i find their food through other senses, but the sense of smell is very important to them. The acidity of the water also affects their overall interest in food.

The experiment was carried out with the sharks so that the pool was first filled with ordinary sea water and scientists just watched that part of the pool shark took. Subsequently sharks spent five days in water corresponding current state of the sea, the sea state around 2050 and around 2100 Sharks during this time received no food, so they are motivated to find their catch. The researchers then watched the sharks responded to the submitted bait.

Sharks, who were in the water with acidity, as it is today and what is expected in 2050, spent more than 60 percent of their time in the water flow, which carried the smell of food. Sharks, who were exposed to water with acidity, which is expected around the year 2100 spent in the water flow with the scent less than 15 percent of the time.

"In addition, the sharks in the water with higher acidity feels his prey much worse, was also reduced their total willingness to bite prey at all. As if at the same time lose interest in food, "says
Danielle Dixsonová.


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