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What politicians plan to the city center? Come and discuss with them in the ABC Theatre

What politicians plan to the city center? Come and discuss with them in the ABC Theatre On Tuesday, September 30 from 17 pm at the Café Theatre ABC will hold a panel discussion on "What politicians are planning to city center." The debate was organized by the Association of New Town in collaboration with the Municipal Theatre of Prague and attended by representatives of political parties, the Democrats 65 Jan Kasl, YES, CSSD coalition candidate - STAN, KDU-CSL Citizens' Initiative, LES, ODS and TOP 09 discussion will be moderated Jan Adamek, President of the Association of New Town. Entry is free to the public.

The aim of the panel discussion is to attract public attention to the problems of Wenceslas Square and convey residents and visitors to the city center dialogue with politicians, spark debate about its future shape.

City Theatres of Prague with its halls and theaters ABC Rococo are traditional and integral part of Wenceslas Square. Every year is visited by nearly 200,000 viewers, because they depend on the way to the theater for the visitors was pleasant and took away not only from a visit to the theater, but also the center of positive experiences.

The main objective of the Association of the New Town of Prague, os, the comprehensive development of the site Wenceslas Square, including the eradication of all vices and negative phenomena in order to return to Wenceslas Square, life and natural tourism. He wants to achieve that here people are not afraid to walk at night, let alone during daylight hours. It aims to achieve a particular association of businesses joining forces from Wenceslas Square and the surrounding area and their cooperation with authorities and other organizations. Its members are mostly entrepreneurs who run houses, shops, restaurants, hotels and other businesses on Wenceslas Square and its surroundings. Members include several residents. The association operates as a non-profit organization, was founded ten years ago.

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