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Bought a car with a rolled speedometer? What to do?

You bought a used car with the assurance that the mileage on the clock corresponds to reality, and then found out that it is not true? Do not give up, the dealer can take action and defend their rights.

"Bottling speedometer is our most widespread nuisance in the sale of used vehicles. Approximately 40% of used cars has offered illegally modified mileage," said Luke Green, head of the legal department dtest. Most often it odometer coiled about 100 to 120 thousand kilometers. The analysis of a sample of one thousand used cars available on the market that the vehicles whose age corresponds to a higher mileage raid than two hundred thousand, are rolled up to the speedometer around 160,000 km.

Under the current legislation is not filling tachometer offense. Long-term solutions amendment to the bill that would among other things reduce this meeting, had not yet reached its conclusion. However, sales of cars with false information about mileage it is legal and there are several possible defenses. "In contracts with autobazaar is often stated that the difference between reality and Mileage seller does not respond. Such a provision, however, means a contract for the buyer a significant imbalance in the rights, and therefore to him under the Civil Code into account, "said Luke Green.

As the new owner of the car twisted tachometer have the following options address the situation. If the difference in the number of reported and actual mileage is relatively small, request the seller for a discount on the purchase price for non-compliance with quality goods on receipt.

"However, if the vehicle is driven by several thousand miles more than the speedometer says you have the right to cancel the contract.
That is a substantial breach of contract because the seller had to know that if you had the correct information, the car you bought, "Luke says Green. In both cases it is the classic complaint procedure and seller must decide about him and the outcome notify you within 30 calendar days.

Given that twist tachometer when selling a used car can qualify as a crime of fraud or consumers can also contact the prosecutor's office or the police and file a complaint.

Those who do not know the legal procedure the Council can use the sample letter "Withdrawal from the contract for twisted tachometer", which is available for free download at: .

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