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Museum Boskovicka fills the historical and contemporary figures IGRÁČKŮ

Visitors are successful exhibition "Phenomenon Igráček" that travels to museums in the Czech Republic, until the beginning of next year settles in Boskovice.

Uncharacteristically exposure to the now legendary figures, all visitors will be able to see in the Museum Boskovicka from 18 September 2014 to 6 January 2015 alongside the original IGRÁČKŮ of 70 and 80 years will be on display as well as new pieces with modern elements and accessories.
In addition, visitors can enjoy the innovative vision of designers attractions of production figures and is ready and contest prizes. The exhibition was organized by EFKO, Czech manufacturer of games and toys in cooperation with the Technical Museum in Brno. The opening will take place at the Museum Boskovicka on Thursday 18 September from 16 hours.

"The exhibition IGRÁČKŮ reaps success across the country. Are only large visitors who remember the childhood of legendary figures, but also children who even today can Igráček reach, "says Miroslav Kotik, owner of EFKO. "Thanks to this exposure may continue his journey to the border to anchor Drahanské Highlands Boskovice," says Miroslav Kotik.

IGRÁČKŮ addition to the exhibition, visitors can look into the permanent exhibitions, which map the landscape Boskovic, a prehistoric settlement and historic development of the region from the Middle Ages until 2010 Children may also take advantage of interactive features that are part of the permanent exhibitions. Just five minutes walk from the museum houses a unique exhibition of historical agricultural machinery, among which there are also so called. Traction engines. Visiting a museum can connect with autumn trips to historic sites in the area. These include Chateau Boskovice, Kunstat lock, lock or lock Letovice Lysice. Other sites, which is part of the architectural heritage Boskovicka is Boskovice castle from the 13th century.

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The EFKO, Czech manufacturer of games and toys in the Czech market since 1993 Throughout focuses also on excluding the charity event. It supports a number of donations kindergartens, primary and special schools, orphanages and nurseries. It also cooperates with the Czech Paralympic Committee charity project EMIL and included in the project kangaroo to support abused and abandoned children. Those since 2006, regularly brings Christmas gifts to help their wards to spend a little more joyful Christmas. EFKO won the 2011 honorable mention in the project Visionary 2011 award was granted for the revival of traditional children's toys Igráček and launch of the new series, which uses the latest knowledge in the field of child psychology and didactics. The project is organized by the Association visionary Czech Inno under the auspices of the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

EFKO received the 2012 award in the "Czech 100 Best" for strategic game, abaca, which also recommends Mensa Czech Republic, the Union of Czech Mathematicians and Physicists and Charles University.

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